This through the deceleration zone, your car will pass sooner or later – Sohu have a car of their own car, when the beginning of a lot of people know how to cherish, not only will the new car, a variety of decorative plating film, crystal, but a long time, do not care too much, this is you like? Today, special uncle and we talk about if in the course of daily travel of the car maintenance, one of the contents is how to speed up the belt. In fact, each driver will meet every deceleration zone in the driving process, and in special sections of many of the city also has a lot of deceleration zone, and in the parking lot of every hue the deceleration zone more surprising. A lot of people would say, is not a deceleration belt? What technology can not be? In fact, different ways to slow down the road on the road is not the same, then the next special uncle and we talked about the deceleration belt thing. Single side through the deceleration belt, easy to hang a lot of friends encountered when the deceleration, always like to let the vehicle side through the deceleration belt. Some owners believe that this can reduce the impact brought about by the slowdown, in fact, this idea is understandable. But you may not know if such a long time through unilateral vehicle suspension, it is easy to cause dislocation or deformation, a long time, the car will increase the risks. If before the total use of the vehicle by a single side of the slow down with a friend, special uncle or proposed to do a four round of vehicle positioning, after all, safety first. Sideways through the deceleration zone, the shock damage did not say there are a lot of friends, driving through the deceleration zone, love will head tilted to one side, and then through the. This will undoubtedly reduce the bumpy feeling, but it will make the vehicle suspension system around the force is not uniform, such a long time will make the vehicle vibration damage. So, this habit is changed. Two wheeled through the deceleration zone, so the car wheel life can grow through the deceleration zone, is undoubtedly one of the best and most secure method, although after the deceleration zone, the body will have varying degrees of shock, but the vehicle intensity is very uniform, two wheeled through the deceleration zone can make the vehicle damage to a minimum, it will extend the life of vehicles. How, today special uncle to you about how to speed up the belt by the way, how do you feel, although it is a small detail, but the details of the attention, the car will be much better in all aspects. One day, the vehicle through the deceleration zone, we must slow down the speed. Car city special comments: new car consulting, used car shopping guide, car knowledge consulting, online interaction within 24 hours of communication, public concern about the number of WeChat car city special comment more exciting content in which.相关的主题文章: