This winter is no longer wearing "ugly" 10 down clothes will buy style in the winter [Abstract] the most indispensable but also the most difficult collocation winter single product is what? Down Jackets。 Bloated appearance and dull color is the first impression of a lot of people down jacket, and so many skills with it seems to have all failed. The first is down jacket in cold area of people living and study personnel wearing, so warm as the first, fashion and also greatly reduced, this photo is "on the down jacket is how to destroy a star temperament: supermodel KK figure should be impeccable, but chose a fit the loose jacket so that the whole people seem" empty ", and and a disproportionate jacket insulation function will be greatly reduced. Our dolphin Princess Jane Zhang did not see the princess fan, too big jacket collocation style honey snow boots so this is not how tall she is short. Put on this down jacket, the national goddess Tang Wei also instantly turned a passerby, but still not so fashionable. There is no star in this shot in the street to find their own shadow, in fact, down jacket up to destroy temperament and not because you are the star will be spared". How will the down jacket to wear good-looking seems to have become the most difficult puzzle fashion this winter, next we see for you how to answer this question: a little ingenuity, down jacket and more attractive: bring down jacket, you can think of or only well behaved, short pane texture waist or knee length? This season’s down jacket in the neckline, cuffs or hem adds new design details, so that each jacket is beautiful, and not the same as others: red and white plaid ribbon have been dull black jacket was more vivid, exaggerated contrast collar design. Waist design or tie a knot in the waist, even your mind has always been a military coat jacket in this season also was almost unrecognizable: Olive Palermo this jacket hem design for the lotus leaf in the autumn and winter, bleak time finally bring some soft for us. The addition of different materials into the jacket also makes your LOOK look less boring. If you are a tall figure, then the bubble sleeve jacket to wear is also quite handsome: l two, dull winter need more color in winter clothes to wear down adjustment: a prohibitive risk: let us make a dull color each wearing a down jacket looks like "have all the same". In fact, dreary winter trip, you can choose some colours to improve their recognition, wearing not only their own good mood, into the crowd is not afraid of other people do not recognize him. Even if it is pure down jacket, you can also say goodbye to winter "(old) code (set)" colors, instead to choose some special and eye-catching colors, let you down to the disaster area into a winter fun color color tool, as in a stream down: and from this year the spring and summer autumn winter continued: metal color and handsome military color, down jacket also can be disguised as favored by the pilots jacket: Three, Oversize is not easy to dirty and warm "相关的主题文章: