This year the national civil service applicants should pay attention to what? Before applying for the information to understand the question: 2015, in the ordinary university graduates in the past year, the identity of the graduates can apply for?? Answer: 2015, 2016 college graduates not to implement the work unit, the registered permanent residence, archives, organizational relationships are retained in primary school, or retained in the competent departments at all levels of employment of graduates (Graduate Employment Guidance Service Center), all levels of talent exchange service organizations and the public employment service agencies, according to the 2017 college graduates apply for. In addition, in Shanxi province "selection college-graduate village official work", "rural compulsory education school teachers in special post plan", "three help" and "GWP" service expires, assessment of qualified and meet for the grass-roots project staff positions of the staff, the retired full-time student soldiers. Can be treated as graduates in 2017. Q: apply for a position in the grass-roots work experience how to define? Answer: the recruitment requirements of grass-roots work experience, applicants must possess. The grass-roots work experience is in and below the county level party and government organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions, the village (community) organizations and other economic organizations, social organizations and other work experience; in the military mission and the equivalent group of the following work experience; self occupation and management experience; the employment of college graduates leave school to college graduate internship bases to practice or to enterprises and institutions to participate in research projects experience, can be regarded as a grass-roots work experience. The social practice of college graduates during the school can not be regarded as the grass-roots work experience. Prepare for review when you want to seriously ask: the civil service exam is the first test, candidates should be prepared from the several aspects? Answer: the test subject is mainly the "administrative ability test" and "Shen". Administrative ability test requires an average of 50 seconds to finish a task, a high degree of time control requirements. It is recommended that you do find out their own level and weak test items. The selection of a system of teaching materials such as learning, figure is very good, repeated reading of heavy and difficult; half a month before the examination in accordance with the time and standard exercise test Zhenti, each module of the review results and training room feeling; the final sprint stage, before their mistakes together to practice the purpose of the exam sprint. "Proposal" to review the reading and writing and thinking. Pay attention to people’s livelihood, economy, culture and other aspects of social hot spots, look at the news; multi pen practice Zhenti, summed up the thinking, thinking and methods to solve their own in the practice. In addition to the usual accumulation of some official more standardized expression is also very important, can not speak too serious. In short, the pro forma is a stage, systematic things, candidates need to seriously pro forma, do not have luck. Q: according to the recruitment situation this year, the candidates Pro also need to pay attention to the details of what? Answer: recruitment this year the national civil service exam in the Shanxi post in the tax, banking, railway public security still more, but this year the railway public security requirements must be bachelor degree or above. National civil service examination competition相关的主题文章: