Thousands of years created the most beautiful town "Chinese Laitan town" [eleven Edition – Sohu Laitan ancient town tourism in fact it should be named Laitan ancient village, which are of Laitan and Laitan points, under Laitan dating back nearly a thousand years of history. Laitan on it for over 200 years. Is located in Chongqing City, 28 kilometers northeast of Hechuan District, the town built in the Song Dynasty, is the first batch of China historical and cultural towns, ten town of Chinese. Laitan town on Laitan and Laitan on Laitan, located in the male as the Qujiang Jiufeng Mountain, under Laitan mountain is located in the river channel. On a high end of Laitan, echoed like brothers and sisters. In fact, under Laitan is the former Laitan Town, dating back one thousand years ago in the late Tang Dynasty and early Song Dynasty, because in Jiufengshan mid position of the two Buddhist temple incense is very prosperous, many from the river by boat to the temple to burn incense and pray two people, located at two temple below Laitan terminal terminal market gradually formed. In the Song Dynasty, terminal market gradually evolved into a riverside town, this is the first Laitan Town, which is today the laitan. In contrast, on the construction of Laitan will be more young. Under Laitan built in Xianfeng, in order to prevent the Taiping Army Sichuan and Lee, blue uprising, the Qing government built the castle in Laitan copycat Jiufeng Mountain, and the construction of streets and housing in the castle, built around the stone of the ancient village defense facilities, Laitan town from Laitan moved to the Laitan, which is today the population of Laitan town. Four city gates Laitan town was cross symmetric, zhaiqiang are half a meter long stone wall, 7 meters high, 2.5 meters wide. The ancient village also retains the old castle appearance, with a narrow bend but scale appropriate Street alley, more than 400 houses between the Qing dynasty. Well-proportioned but the wooden structure of the park buildings, basically maintained the original style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, simple and elegant, to give people a sense of tranquility Shan town recover the original simplicity. Laitan town in the temple buildings, was built in Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, rebuilt in the Qing palace, there have been 9 town near (an) 18 Temple legends, is the Taoist and Buddhist concentrated point when Taoist monks, the prosperity of thousands, Hui Long Miao, Zhang Ye Miao has become ruins, temple two trees the towering ancient banyan and the temple still. The preservation of the ancient theater, theater platform outside the bar carved wood, a very high artistic value, is as the acme of perfection. Laitan town has a long history, the Song Dynasty would have been the beginning of a town scale, town bordering the Qujiang River, beautiful natural scenery, Ming and Qing Dynasty old streets strewn at random, simple and elegant, built in the Qing Dynasty urn is well preserved, came to the town gate, here is not very grand, but the years of change and baptism, to give it unique connotation. The Qing Dynasty inscription "Our wills unite like a fortress." four characters on the wall. The wheat harvest season, farmers couples can not hide the joy of harvest. Go inside, the residents of the town also maintained a neighborhood tradition, mutual understanding. Walking on the road in the green slate, east look, look at the west, there is a familiar and distant childhood breath, the feeling is very enjoyable. The main attractions of Laitan town have urn, Wenchang palace, Shuanglong Lake, Laitan 1相关的主题文章: