Three "s daughter bones to red" mother in the Sun online video – Beijing s own micro-blog. In new network on 21 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, the artist s (Xu Xidi) had 3 daughters, the total has been to funny and her daughter live model to attract many fans. Especially the small daughter Xu third "does not make sense to her personality is the complete genetic, therefore has a high popularity. Today she posted a video, "the bones to ridicule her daughter red children", funny interactive Xiaofan users. A third 21 morning spirit is very good, frequently climbed a chair lacing, she heard small s endorsement package originally is not willing to go to school, then asked "you put into Fcebook," my mother would ask "do you want me to put or not, the results of her face a little shyness, to welcome look, speak softly. Next she immediately Beiqishubao, share what’s in there, the middle lip is not willing to take a fresh banana to eat in school, like small adults like to complain that "it is rotting bananas". Finally, a third had just before leaving the air kiss to the small s mother said: "listen, you have to really kiss I can help you put Facebook, immediately rushed to the front mouth mouth Kiss Goodbye said," I love you one trillion "s to a child in response to" I love you 10 trillion, a mother and daughter come to love each other, than who loved much, let the fans call good warm, watching the mood is very good, also smiled and said "let Facebook become the best exchange", completely is the mother of the successor.相关的主题文章: