Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee held a meeting chaired by Wu Yingjie   – local leaders — people.com.cn original title: Central Ethnic Work Conference experience exchange meeting spirit on the morning of 8, (Tibet) Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee held a meeting to listen to the third session of the preparatory work of Tibetan fair; convey study and implement the Central Ethnic Work Conference the spirit of the exchange of experience, some regions and departments "two a" Learning Forum on education, the National Party Secretary of the spirit of the meeting; convey the spirit of learning important speech, the Central Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CPC Central Committee, propaganda minister Liu Qibao research in Tibet, research on our implementation opinions. Autonomous Region Party Secretary Wu Yingjie presided over the meeting. The meeting held that the Tibetan Expo bid fully reflects the CPC Central Committee and State Council attaches great importance to the work of Tibet and special care. After two consecutive success, possession of the fair showcases the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee ruling over the hidden strategy of successful practice of thought in Tibet, demonstrating the socialist new Tibet, the new image of China under the leadership of the Communist Party, effectively expanding the internal culture of foreign trade cooperation and exchanges, and constantly enhance the contacts and exchanges between various ethnic blend and enhance the development of confidence in Tibet, successfully created a "Heaven Earth shrine? Tibet" brand, won the all aspects of the full recognition and positive response, reach the goal. The meeting stressed that the run third Tibetan Expo is a major event, the next event, the Organizing Committee and the members of the unit shall, according to the requirements of the established deployment of the district Party committee and government, adhere to safety first, to ensure that the activities of harmony; around the theme, carefully planned special events; to intensify propaganda, lay on in the external propaganda of "initiative", to ensure that the third Tibetan fair to achieve the best effect. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the central spirit of the National Work Conference on the exchange of experience will be further concentrated study and implement the central spirit of the national work conference, the central national work conference on an important meeting to deepen the. President Yu Zhengsheng delivered an important speech at the meeting, to do a good job of the current national work in Tibet has a strong pertinence and guidance. The meeting fully affirmed the achievements of ethnic work in our region, and pointed out that the Tibet all the work related to ethnic work, all departments at all levels should seriously study and understand the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on doing ethnic work, conscientiously study and implement the central spirit of the National Work Conference on the exchange of experience will accurately grasp the spirit of good the national work direction, principles and requirements, adhere to the "three cannot do without" thinking, and resolutely implement the party’s ethnic policies, resolutely safeguard national unity and national unity; to aim at the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty, earnestly implement the central and regional Party committee and government of the deployment requirements, policies and measures for the masses all sharing the fruits of reform and development, to ensure timely comprehensive well-off society; to strengthen the Party of national industry As a leader, providing a fundamental guarantee for promoting the unity of all ethnic groups. The meeting pointed out that Comrade Liu Yunshan in the central part of the region and the Department of "two studies and one to do" study and education work on the important forum相关的主题文章: