To as long as 100 thousand per kilometer fuel as long as 4 hair that several cars really value – Sohu in this car fuel costs to keep you vulnerable age, when friends buy household car for the first time is to ask how the car’s fuel consumption, what is good; what are the wind acceleration control. But go to. A car to fuel, first the weight should be low enough, the second is the power system with reasonable adjustment. The following one hundred thousand words can be considered what car to buy fuel-efficient open? The professor will recommend four such cars today. In the car – fumeilai guidance price: 6.18-11.89 yuan Geely Dorsett new guidance price: 6.98-10.08 yuan (not including pure electric vehicle) – Changan car escape guidance price: 7.49-11.79 yuan (not including pure electric vehicle) – Chery Yi Ruize 5 guide price: 5.89-9.78 million yuan to summarize one hundred thousand Professor block within, to buy a car, can not buy performance car, it is better to buy a stylish, space utility car three car, enjoy the car process. Fuel-efficient and open, a long time will find this car is actually very suitable.相关的主题文章: