To buy them do not regret oh! 100 thousand dollars to buy T large power space SUV10 million to buy T large power space SUV car manufacturers guide price (yuan) (geely vision ginseng, pictures, inquiry) SUV7.49-10.19 Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 9.97-14.17 Chery Tiggo 58.88-15.19 GAC trumpchi GS49.98-15.38 Tencent car tab high price! Geely vision SUV officially listed for sale 7.49-10.19 million independent brand SUV but the people topic, many models in turn listed, add "firewood" of this hot market, with the development of technology of small displacement turbocharged engine has gradually become a popular choice, a large number of independent brands are keen on the development and promotion of SUV models, and it also gives consumers more price advantage obvious choice, today we recommend several models such as independent, small SUV, they are not only in the price advantage gradually, the body is small but definitely enough power and has a good internal space. Recommended models: geely vision SUV official guidance price: 7.49-10.19 yuan geely vision SUV in August 28th officially listed, the listing of the new car a total of 6 models, the official price of 7.49 yuan to 101 thousand and 900 yuan, of which 1.8L models enjoy 3000 yuan Car Buying subsidies provided by the enterprise, the actual price of 71 thousand and 900 yuan from the beginning. The vision SUV Geely is third using the new family design style SUV models, two models are divided before bullyear and Geely imperial GS, vision SUV is Geely GX7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) modified models, this change is enormous, from the price to lower the price of 80 thousand yuan. And has a good market competitiveness at the same level. Price super high! Geely vision SUV officially listed for sale 7.49-10.19 million vision SUV Geely GX7 replacement models, Geely is also the 3 era of the third SUV models. Compared to GX7, SUV can be said to have the prospect of radical change, using the latest design concept of Geely, the wave type grille shape collocation angular headlights, a high degree of recognition. And in the tail styling, the prospect of SUV column taillights is the biggest bright spot SUV body size of 45001834 1707mm, the wheelbase is 2661mm, is a position below the Geely’s compact SUV models. The interior, the interior part of a vision of SUV is dominated by dark material, function key layout is simple structured, equipped with three spoke multifunction steering wheel, large size LCD screen and split type LCD instrument, the foot brake is adopted in the design of the parking system, equipped with tire pressure monitoring, downhill assist, vehicle navigation, automatic air conditioning and other functions, in the control screen support mobile phone internet. Compared with fellow brothers bullyear, vision SUV in the car width and length Gaodoulve better, more can be said to be roughly the same bibaud smaller. In the same level of the market, the prospect of SUV also has a strong competitive edge. In the storage space, whether it is the armrest box or door.相关的主题文章: