To commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan International Symposium held in Zhongshan – Beijing, China News Agency, Guangzhou in November 14, "Sun Zhongshan world view and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation — Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of" the 14 International Symposium on 22 to 16 in Guangdong City of Zhongshan province held. Nearly 70 academic institutions at home and abroad more than more than 130 scholars, Mr. Sun Zhongshan, Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s hometown to study the rich heritage. The theme of this forum is "the world under the vision of Sun Zhongshan and the revival of the Chinese nation", aims to explore the life trajectory of Mr Sun Zhongshan to achieve China national independence, national freedom, happiness and selfless dedication, to achieve national reunification, summarize the historical experience of the new era of prosperity and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Nearly half a century, Sun Zhongshan has always been the research scholars at home and abroad attention, becomes a prominent historical circle "". The conference attracted nearly 70 academic institutions from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao China Taiwan and the United States, Russia, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions, more than 130 participants. After a rigorous review by the panel, 90 papers were selected from hundreds of academic papers, which were divided into four groups: "political and military diplomacy", "Ideological and cultural", "economic society" and "character relationship". With the continuous development of social science research and explore the archives at home and abroad, Sun Zhongshan is constantly deepening, and the world in search of Sun Zhongshan, Sun Zhongshan and Chinese modernization in terms of remarkable achievements. China Sun Zhongshan Research Association Xiong Yuezhi said, Sun Zhongshan is an important research object China in modern history, in recent years the research of Sun Zhongshan information on new discoveries and breakthroughs in theory and methods on the new contribution. At the same time, the visual threshold of the researchers has been extended to the economic history, cultural history, social history and other fields, some of the less involved in the field, such as the conservative, the study of the opposite, there are more rational analysis. The excavation of the historical data has broadened the scope of the collection, especially the continuous discovery of the historical data and the oral literature. The participants spoke highly of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s great life and his legacy. Wang Weiguang, President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, hoped that the academic community to further deepen the study of Sun Zhongshan, I hope the whole society to work together to achieve an early realization of the great goal of China’s revitalization of Zhongshan. The seminar was jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Political Consultative conference. (end)相关的主题文章: