Trump’s ex-wife wants to be ambassador to Czech has been married four times original title: Trump’s ex-wife wants to be ambassador to Czech the female as the U.S. ambassador to Japan higher voice [Global Times reporter Ren Meizi Hou Tao] US President elect Trump’s ex-wife Ivana said recently that she hopes to serve as U.S. ambassador to Czech. Ivana, 13, the United States, "New York post" said: "I would like to suggest that I served as the ambassador to the United States (Czech). Where is my birthplace, I know the language, everybody knows me." Ivana is 67 years old, she bit Langpu wife Rania Mei 21 years older. She has been married four times, more than her ex husband, Trump. Ivana was born in February 20, 1949 in Czechoslovakia, formerly known as the city of Ivana, formerly known as & P & P & P, and was born in the city of. She learned to ski since she was a substitute for the 1972 Winter Olympics in Czechoslovakia. In 1971, Ivana married a college student, a Canadian skier, and then moved to Canada to run a sports equipment business with her husband. But she soon got tired of her life and divorced her husband two years later. In 1976, Ivana’s mixed model with the company to New York, to promote the Montreal winter olympics. Where she met the son of real estate developers Trump, two people fall in love at first sight, married in April 7, 1977. Ivana became the first wife of Trump, has small Donald, and Eric Trump trump gave birth to 3 children. In 80s, Mrs. Trump is the New York society influential man. However, by the end of 1990, Trump, former beauty queen Mara maples affair rumors much raise a Babel of criticism of. 1992, Ivana and Trump divorce agreement, part of the property of the share of Trump. Since then, she married three degrees. In April 2008, 59 year old Ivana and met for six years, only the husband of the age of fourth, held a luxury wedding, but the marriage ended in 8 months after the end of the 35. She’s in a single state. The British "Daily Telegraph" said 14, Ivana said that she was not jealous of Trump’s current wife Rania although she had criticized Mei, Mei "can not speak nor speech rania". Although the "Trump" the name has been retained, but Ivana said that she does not need to rely on Trump’s name, only one name can also be "famous": "I was famous all over the world, not only in the United states. I have written 3 books that have been translated into 25 languages and published in 40 countries. I’m famous for the name ‘Ivana’, and I really don’t need the name of Trump." However, from the current popularity, Ivana as the ambassador of the possibility of daughter Ivanka is clearly not high. According to Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported on 12, with betting on the failure of Hilary, Japan began to please let Trump, Ivanka as the next US ambassador to Japan is increasing. Japanese diplomats even said, has been in the welcome Ivanka held this office work. It is interesting that the current U.S. ambassador to Japan, Caroline, Kennedy is the top 2 U.S.相关的主题文章: