Trust loan investment loan linkage subsidiary regulatory policy specialized subsidiaries is the absence of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qi reported in Beijing to promote the sustained and healthy development of venture capital, the CBRC recently issued a document that encourage trust and give full play to the advantages of the trust system, trust funds investment loan linkage mode. For loans to business oriented banks, investment loan linkage business innovation." Deputy general manager of China Railway Trust Co. Chen Chi said that the trust companies, investment loan linkage just to play its financial function advantage, with rich experience in investment, to better promote the development of innovative enterprises. At present, three kinds of main mode of equity investment trust, trust funds, the inherent plans are subject to certain restrictions, so the industry generally believe that the future through specialized subsidiaries to carry out enterprise equity investment will be a major trend. This time, the China Banking Regulatory Commission also proposed the research and development of the Interim Measures for the management of the subsidiary of the trust company, to support the establishment of a trust fund to invest in equity subsidiary. Prior to the industry on twenty-first Century economic news reporter revealed that the current approach is being developed, may be introduced at the end of the year. The professional subsidiary into the preferred investment loan linkage in September 20th, the State Council issued the "State Council several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital" (Guo Fa 2016 No. 53) (hereinafter referred to as No. 53), clearly to encourage trust companies to provide financing services for business enterprise". This time, the CBRC said to encourage trust play a vanguard role in support of venture financing, and proposed a number of measures, including support of trust group background and has carried out enterprise financing business pilot; encourage investment loan linkage model to explore the trust funds; leading trust companies using the local government credit sharing and compensation the risk of favorable conditions etc.. The current trust companies involved in investment loan linkage can through three channels: one is to use the funds, the trust plan, the trust inherent professional subsidiary. Inherent funds, the current trust fund on the one hand, the need to apply for non-financial qualifications on the one hand, on the other hand, even if the qualification will be subject to multiple restrictions. Such as the "on the support of the innovation and development of trust companies notice" provisions of the relevant issues, "trust the total equity investment shall not exceed the net assets at the end of 20% with inherent assets," holds a stake of not more than 5 years "," not involved in the daily operations. ". If you use the trust plan is facing exit problem. As the most important way to withdraw equity investment trust, public offering of listed exit was blocked by the commission. Under this background, trust the professional subsidiary has become an important way to carry out the trust investment loan linkage, for example, Ping innovation capital, Poly letter CITIC financial asdc. But the current trust subsidiary development is still in the start-up stage, compared to other financial institutions, the top of the absence of regulatory policies, business maturity and professional degree is lagging behind. 2015 theory相关的主题文章: