Tsinghua teacher was 1760 telecommunications fraud WANSHIFA District posted a poster of a teacher in Tsinghua University fangpian 17 million 600 thousand telecommunications fraud last night, laqiying area 8 building the first floor of the elevator posted a "anti fraud telecommunications network" posters. Beijing News reporter Zhou Jiaqi photo Beijing News (reporter Zhou Jiaqi Li Yutong) yesterday, the Tsinghua University teacher was 1760 in case of telecommunications fraud posing as public security officers sparked concern. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. Incident area posted a number of anti telecommunications fraud posters yesterday, a real estate service center released by the Tsinghua University, the building of the police informed the heat transfer. Informed that on the 29 day at 23:25, Zhongguancun police station received 110 lanqiying area of Haidian, Tsinghua University, a teacher, was 17 million 600 thousand yuan of telecommunications fraud posing as public security. Reporters learned from the police, Tsinghua teachers were telecommunications fraud is true, the police have been involved in the investigation, is working hard to carry out. 9 o’clock last night, the reporter came to visit the incident area. Electronic display inside the area to play the police tips to prevent telecommunications fraud information. A middle-aged man claiming to be responsible for community security, said the victim for the District 8 building residents, Faculty of Tsinghua University. 8 building on the first floor of the elevator floor posted a number of beware of telecommunications fraud, posters, posters just posted up." One of the residents of Building 8, said the police officers in the morning to see the entrance of the building. According to residents, laqiying households in the district was built in 1998, Tsinghua University and Peking University teachers, the average age of the larger. Where the public security requirements are claiming the remittance fraud in fact, posing as public security fraud "approach is not new. The police, in 2015, the national telecommunications fraud incidence of more than 59, cheated 22 billion 200 million yuan, of which about 10000000000 yuan was involved in Taiwan. Taiwan Telecom fraud group set up hundreds of traffic fraud dens in the world, by posing as domestic public security organs etc., specifically for the masses, the implementation of fraud. The police, the suspect of telecommunications fraud, use the number changing software, the number is changed into the public security organs official registration number to commit fraud. "There are some cheat to let the victim believe they really involved, let the supreme, Supreme Procuratorate and other false login website, and open the false arrest warrant". The police suggested that all public security requirements, all claiming to make remittance remittance to the "security accounts", usually for personal and bank card information and SMS verification code, is fraud. – related news liar 7 times to turn away 1 million 90 thousand procuratorate said old identity information is sold, suspected of bribery, to help her do the "asset preservation" if not married son need a gift of money, the 75 year old Wang Fan (a pseudonym) still do not know what is "people’s Procuratorate cheated 1 million 90 thousand yuan. The morning of August 22nd, she received the "Shanghai Qingpu procuratorate staff of the phone said that her identity information is sold, the buyer with the ID card and bank card, the card 200 thousand yuan bribery," she might go to jail". Wang Fan was scared silly ". Subsequently, the other said it would help her to do asset preservation, and provides the Beijing procuratorate colleagues contact. The next day, Wang Fan called to inquire about the situation. Each other, "Sun prosecutors" to its "nuclear"相关的主题文章: