Tunhe "eat" in Northeast China under 1 million tons of sugar sugar world class ambition hot column capital flows emerge thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my each reporter Wu Linjing following the injection of the sugar the group of 500 million yuan of assets, competing in the former sugar sugar barons assets, Tunhe (600737, SH) recently in the sugar sector layout and then drop a child, this directly to the company’s refined sugar processing capacity two times more than last year. With the 2015 sugar recovery, lack of domestic 20152016 crop sugar supply, sugar processing layout become inevitable. In the annual report last year, COFCO Tunhe that will highlight the core business of the sugar business this year. Recently, COFCO Tunhe announcement said that in September 8th the price of 263 million yuan transferee Yingkou nordzucker Co. Ltd. (Yingkou North) held by the Yingkou Pacific Food Co. Ltd. (Yingkou Pacific) 51% stake. Yingkou Taigu shareholders of Yingkou north northeast is the largest coastal refinery refinery, refining the top three, COFCO Holdings Yingkou Swire, is the value of its own "1 million tons of sugar refining processing capacity". Www sugar analyst Yue Sun yesterday (September 12th) told the "daily economic news" reporter, COFCO Tunhe backed by a "backer", with imports of sugar sufficient quota, and in Xinjiang and Guangxi have produced sugar, but in order to complete the "world-class big sugar", it also the need to expand the production capacity of refined sugar. Tunhe by millions of tons of sugar sugar and tomato processing capacity of parallel double main industry, recently in the sugar industry moves frequently. Announcements, September 8th, COFCO Tunhe signed the "equity transfer contract" and the north of Yingkou, to 263 million yuan for the north of Yingkou holds 51% stake in Yingkou Swire, holding. Yingkou North originally held 100% stake in Yingkou taigu. The "daily economic news" reporter saw in the north of Yingkou’s official website, its flagship product for silver refined sugar and excellent brand xia. Search the "Yingkou daily" reported that in 2014, Yingkou Swire invested 1 billion 380 million yuan of sugar refining project, covers an area of 524 acres, and in Liaoning Province as a major agricultural product processing projects. The project includes 1 sugar production line, automatic scraper centrifuge and other 486 sets of main production equipment. It is reported that this year the production capacity of 1 million tons of sugar sugar production project was put into operation at the end of that year, is expected to put into operation after the realization of the annual output value of 8 billion yuan, profits and taxes of $700 million". Although there is a good capacity and brand effect, or so long before the cause of the downturn in the industry, its financial performance is not satisfactory. Reporters noted that the Yingkou Taigu 2015 annual revenues of 32 million 90 thousand yuan, net profit was a loss of nearly 8 million. The profitability of its shareholders is not satisfactory, as of December 21st last year, Yingkou total assets of 3 billion 663 million yuan in the north, but the net assets of -3381 million. The announcement also disclosed that as of today相关的主题文章: