Two Kublai syndrome why Japan failed to help Japan "kamikaze" from out of the country from Kublai "Tianjiao" Gen Gi Khan led the Mongolia cavalry to conquer conquests, Kublai established the Yuan Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty, the Mongolia army’s cavalry in Eurasia ever-victorious almost invincible. But the Mongolia army could only dominate the land, and Kublai had sent two expeditions to Japan, which ended in failure. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the expedition to Japan Sea yuan was not Japanese lose the first battle, defeated, but the typhoon destroyed. Kublai did not pay attention to the influence of climate on the war, chose the typhoon season to attack Japan, which made the yuan army become the victim of typhoon, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people died. In November 1274, Kublai has repeatedly asked Japan to have been rejected, fly, the first military expedition to Japan, he mobilized nearly 900 ships ship, carrying 33000 soldiers of Watakai To, after the occupation of the islands in November 20th in the Gulf of Bodo Kyushu landing, the Japanese army stubborn resistance, while the battle outcome is not divided into the night, suddenly the typhoon blowing, when the Mongolia army to retreat in disorder, many ships were inundated, according to records, the expedition has more than 13000 soldiers were killed. The first expedition ended in failure, but Kublai was not reconciled. In July 1281, Kublai ordered the Mongolia army and the high Lijun a total of 40 thousand people aboard warships 900 ships for the north in the Southern Song Dynasty, ordered general Fan Wenhu rate 100 thousand soldiers, 3500 ships in the south for passenger ships, two pronged expedition to japan. At the end of July the two armies have captured a flat pot Island, Qi island and other places. In August 23rd, when the yuan army again in the Kyushu Bodo Bay landing battle with the Japanese fleet in the Yuan Dynasty, the flat pot Sea southwest of the island suddenly encountered strong typhoon, as hundreds of ships flooded before long waves. Fan Wenhu and general panic command fleet to retreat, retreat in the process some ships break overturning, some collision damage, some sink is flooded with tens of thousands of soldiers, the remaining forces were all wiped out the japanese. The expedition loss worse than last time, there are records, lost more than half of the yuan army troops and ships, and recorded that the yuan army The whole army was wiped out. only three survived. Kublai picked the wrong time of fighting Kublai did not know the weather is the main reason for the yuan army two expeditions to Japan’s defeat, the typhoon has an irresistible force, at the time, a typhoon Kuangtaohailang can blow over any vessel. Typhoons in the northern coastal areas of China and Japan mostly occur from 5 to December each year, while typhoons from 7 to September are the most frequent ones. Kublai knew nothing, November first expedition to Japan, second times of crossing sea campaign at the end of July, the two time the unfortunate event of a typhoon, to pay a heavy price.

忽必烈两征日本为何均告失败 天助日本“神风”免于灭国 忽必烈   从“一代天骄”成吉思汗率领蒙古骑兵东征西讨,到忽必烈征服南宋,建立元朝,蒙古军队的铁骑在欧亚大陆几乎攻无不克,战无不胜。但蒙古军队只能在陆上称霸,忽必烈曾两次发兵远征日本,均以失败告终。   十几万人丧生大海   元军远征日本出师不利,并不是被日本人打败,而是被台风摧毁。忽必烈不重视气候对战争的影响,选择台风多发的季节进攻日本,结果使元军成为台风的受害者,导致十几万人丧生。   1274年11月,忽必烈因多次要求日本称臣均遭拒绝,勃然大怒,第一次发兵远征日本,他调集了战船近900艘,载着33000士兵渡海东征, 在占领了几个小岛之后,于11月20日在九州博多湾登陆,日本军队顽强抵抗,当天战事胜负未分,到晚上突然刮起台风,当蒙古军队准备后撤时秩序大乱,不少 船只被海水淹没,据记载,这次远征有13000多名士兵丧生。   第一次远征虽以失败告终,但忽必烈并不甘心。1281年7月,忽必烈命令蒙古军和高丽军共4万人,乘战船900艘为北路军,命令南宋降将范文虎率兵 10万,乘战船3500艘为南路军,兵分两路东征日本。7月底两路大军先后攻占平壶岛、一岐岛等地。8月23日,正当元军再次在九州博多湾登陆与日军作战 时,元朝的船队在平壶岛西南海域突然遭遇强台风袭击,没多久巨浪就淹没数百艘船舶。范文虎等将领慌乱指挥船队撤退,在撤退过程中有的战船折裂倾覆,有的碰 撞毁坏,有的触礁沉没,被海水淹没的士兵成千上万,陆上残存的部队全部被日军消灭。这次远征的损失比上次更惨,有记载称,元军损失了一半以上的军队和船 只,还有记载称元军全军覆没,只有三人幸免于难。   忽必烈选错作战时间   忽必烈不了解气象是元军两次远征日本失败的主要原因,台风具有不可抗拒的力量,在当时,台风掀起的狂涛骇浪可以吹翻任何船只。我国北部沿海和日 本沿海的台风多数发生在每年的5至12月,而7至9月是台风多发季节。忽必烈对此毫不知情,第一次选择11月远征日本,第二次选在7月底渡海作战,结果两 次都不幸遇上了台风,从而付出了沉重的代价。相关的主题文章: