Two years old child finger stuck car door fire emergency rescue (Figure) – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network November 15th news (Xu Jian reporter Liang Peng) this morning, the underground garage of Chengdu Huayang River Begonia Garden District, a two-year-old child left forefinger, middle finger, ring finger in the door when he was stuck in the door. Try a variety of ways out of the family after unsuccessful, the child mother dialed 119 calls for help, after Tianfu firefighters 5 minutes of careful treatment, the child’s left hand and finally get rid of. Today, 8 in the morning, Tianfu firefighters arrived at the scene found a little boy about two years left index finger, middle finger and ring finger are tightly stuck in the door to move, and the swelling phenomenon. Although the mother was always comfort, little guy still due to pain, crying. The little boy’s finger rescued from the door safety as soon as possible, firefighters know in the door structure, good safety protection for children, to prevent the occurrence of two damage, and the use of manual rescue tools to expand the door door, after intense rescue firefighters nearly 5 minutes, the child’s left hand and finally get rid of bound. Tianfu fire reminder, children restless, curious, easy to make a dangerous move, damage. Parents should strengthen supervision, care, to prevent accidents. (Figure provided by the Tianfu fire)相关的主题文章: