The publication of the report: the Japanese have the ability to build a nuclear armed map in 10 years: the transport of nuclear materials in Japan original title: report of the U. S. military said a study of Japan’s ability to build a nuclear armed The Pentagon commissioned and funded in 10 years of assessment that Japan’s ability to build a team with a land-based and sea based strategic nuclear armed missile in 10 years, in the expectation of nuclear war can kill up to 30 million people. 7, Washington freedom lighthouse network reported, according to the U.S. Department of Defense (also translated as "our net assessment office of net assessment report") to listen to, with Japanese advanced nuclear power infrastructure and existing space launch, cruise missiles and submarines, the Japanese government can achieve nuclear armed in 10 years. Among them, the Japanese maritime self defense forces may choose to build a strategic nuclear submarine in the future, while the ground self defense forces will develop mobile nuclear missiles. Reported that, for a prospective analysis of The Pentagon net assessment division "outsourcing" this evaluation showed that the U.S. government has a fear of President Barack · Obama on the development of nuclear weapons; a negative attitude, but may increase the risk of nuclear proliferation, especially in Japan and Korea in this nuclear weapon free allies began to worry about the nuclear umbrella the commitment of the United States is reliable, even consider developing its own nuclear weapons to protect themselves. Reported that the Japanese government in recent years to amend the interpretation of the pacifist constitution, self deregulation, expand the scope of military activities and enhance military. Last year, held in Hiroshima in August was the 70 anniversary of the atomic bomb, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo spoke for the first time, not to mention "not possessing, manufacturing, import of nuclear weapons" and "three non nuclear principles", the Japanese public opinion at home and abroad questioned and criticized. In April this year, a congressional defense as Andouble by the cabinet said Japan’s constitution does not prohibit the use of nuclear weapons, Japan has also said that Japan, in reality, adhere to the "three non nuclear principles", a vague attitude. (Xinhua Hu Ruoyu) [micro].相关的主题文章: