Uber provides services for retired American drivers, collective action under the compromise – Sohu technology Uber issued a statement on Wednesday, announced with online investment cooperation with the finance company Betterment, to provide one year of investment management services to Seattle, Boston, suggested that Chicago and New Jersey, Uber driver, and hopes to eventually extend this service to the United States, to help solve the problem of the driver’s retirement. In the Uber for the driver to provide investment banking services, the driver can open a app in the Uber called "Betterment personal retirement account" (or "Roth personal retirement account"). Using this service, the first year is free, the initial capital account can be zero. But if the total amount of less than $100 thousand a year later, you need to pay an annual management fee of $0.25%, that is $10 thousand per $25. The driver’s benefits given in this statement are in fact the result of a long – term lawsuit between Uber and state drivers. Over the years, Uber has suffered from state driver lawsuits, which in California and Massachusetts, a total of 385 thousand drivers of the collective action is one. They asked the court to determine that the driver was an employee of Uber and that the company should provide the benefits. Last week, a judge in San Francisco rejected Uber’s settlement with the two states, when Uber gave a settlement of $100 million, and the judge ruled that the compensation was unfair. Because this plan is still treat the driver as an independent contractor, that is to say, the company need not pay social security, health insurance, sick leave and other expenses for the driver, obviously it can help them greatly reduce operating costs. This also means that drivers need to bear their vehicle insurance, vehicle maintenance costs, and oil costs. After being rejected, Uber said it would continue to look for other reconciliation programs. TC Via相关的主题文章: