Vancouver property market regulation second wave: next year will be the vacant housing tax Wen Zhang Shu said Wednesday, the mayor of Vancouver, Vancouver in January next year from the vacant housing tax rate of up to 2% of the appraised value of the house. Initiatives aimed at secondary investment type property, rather than the main living room. The government hopes to drive about 10 thousand vacant homes into the rental market. This is the Canadian government to invest in overseas real estate in Vancouver to take the second wave of regulation. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson said that Vancouver plans to tax vacant rooms, the tax rate for the housing assessment value of 0.5%~2%, the specific tax rate undetermined. The initiative is aimed at the secondary investment type property, rather than the main living room. The Canadian government will not be judged by the use of electricity to the housing is vacant, the property will be independent reporting, auditing, compliance measures and other ways to determine whether the housing is vacant. Homeowners need to prove that they or tenants lived in the house for at least a few days. Robertson also said that the new policy will help for the vacant house owners rent their house, will drive about 10 thousand vacant housing units to enter the rental market, let the real estate become more affordable for the masses. Currently, there are about 10800 vacant houses in Vancouver. A tax on vacant housing, will increase the cost of ownership housing holders, combat speculative demand. Analysts believe that these hot money may leave Vancouver, go elsewhere. A tax on vacant housing, is the second wave of the Canadian government regulation of overseas investment in Vancouver real estate taken. At the end of July this year, the provincial government of BC Canada announced that August 2nd will be to overseas investors in real estate levy of 15% additional housing transfer tax. CNBC said the Canadian real estate overseas buyers mainly from china. The implementation of the "exclusive property tax", September, according to official data, the original hot Vancouver property market suddenly cooled, the volume and price down, fell from heaven to hell. According to the Wall Street knowledge previously reported: August Vancouver housing sales fell 23% to $2489, a decline of up to 26%. Among them, the independent housing sales hit the most, in August sales fell 45% to 715 units. Row residential and apartment sales fell 25% and year on year, respectively, and 10%. From the price point of view, the average price of independent houses in Vancouver fell to $1 million 470 thousand in August, the lowest since last year in September, the chain fell 17%, down by 0.6%. Real Estate Company and brokers said that foreign investors choose to abandon the purchase, rather than pay taxes. Not affected by the new deal because local residents expect lower prices also choose to wait and see, or even withdraw the purchase contract. These factors led to sharp decline in turnover, housing prices fell. The overseas hot money sought, Vancouver prices soaring, Canada is the highest price, the price has far exceeded the capacity of ordinary residents. Prior to the National Bank of Canada data show that in July Vancouver house prices rose 2.3%, for the third consecutive month of rising, and the monthly record of a record high, compared with last year rose by 24 in July相关的主题文章: