Vanke to Guanyin Mountain operations center custom bus D3 the day after tomorrow belongs to the newspaper news (reporter Xu Jingming correspondent Zuo Linlin Cheng Yi) for the convenience of passengers to Jimei, Xinglin area of the island in the lake in the park, software park two, Guanyin Mountain operations center work, November 7th, the new D3 Road (Vanke – Guanyin Mountain operations center) custom bus lines, the following specific operation scheme: D3 Road (Vanke – Guanyin Mountain operations center) docking site: uplink: Vanke, Chengyi college, pier, tankahkeei stadium bus station, East Software Park, software park, mountain view sound business district, Guanyin Mountain operations center. Downlink: Software Park, software park, two east gate Kuanyinshan business district, Guanyin Mountain operations center, bus station, pier, Chengyi college, tankahkeei stadium in vanke. Fare: one vote system 10 yuan, during the trial run of 40 percent off discount. Reporters learned that, as a personalized, differentiated bus service, opened in July this year, D1, D2 line, currently operating normally. To these few lines are: D1A: Exhibition Center – China World Trade Center city – city waterfront building – Career Academy (MCH) – ferry – Si north. D1B: North ferry – waterfront building (MCH) – two Career Academy city – China World Trade Center city – Software park. D2 (round trip): Haicang aluohai city square – – – the sea real estate Haicang Haicang CCB Yu Road – Yucai primary school – Software Park – East Software Park (South Gate). City bus group said, compared to other public traffic modes, features a custom bus is more comfortable, point-to-point direct line, try to avoid the peak blocking point, slightly higher than the conventional bus fare, but cheaper than a taxi. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: