Volvo Diablo technology Tesla automatically drive a street? No one seems to see those stars in the sci-fi movie driving cars, will become a reality on the earth. Some time ago, when we still focus on the Tesla automatic driving out life in the United States, Sweden’s Volvo has been in the depths of Boliden coal mine in northern Sweden, to verify their own "Diablo technology" – automatic driving a truck. Why call it "Diablo"? Because the automatic truck driving tests were carried out in the Boliden coal mine more than 1000 meters underground, where the environment is often unable to see. Yes, if you do not open the lamp on the head, you will never touch out from here. Volvo chose to do automatic truck driving test here, is mainly to the face of the customer, to verify the safety of automatic driving technology in harsh working environment, and the potential value in the production of transport links in the. The Volvo truck is equipped with a number of sensors, including the GPS positioning sensor working in an open environment and the radar sensor for detecting the ground in the mine. This set of radar laser sensor is responsible for mapping the front of the vehicle shape and ground obstacles, will pass this information on to the vehicle control system and generates a route map on the map, change the latter according to the information to control the vehicle speed and direction. At the same time, the system can also be updated to detect the environmental information at any time to update the database, and the need to adjust the route and fuel use programs. If an obstacle is detected by the vehicle, the truck will stop automatically. In order to prove that this system is reliable enough in the process of mine test, the members of the Executive Committee of the Volvo group and chief technology officer Mr. m Holmströ based on the model, the trucks go ahead on the road of "forced" to stop the driverless truck. ("bacteria hole in the brain: I don’t know if a man lying there, the truck can not be identified.) To try the "application car" Torbjo "RN m Holmstro" Volvo truck automatic driving technology in the field of mine is responsible for testing the Volvo Department said: driverless trucks used in mining logistics, automatic driving trucks can plan out precise route and work rhythm, so as to effectively improve the production efficiency and workload; in addition, in mine blasting operation, taking into account security issues, the workers must be in mine ventilation to enter, it will waste a lot of time, but the unmanned trucks will not need to worry about what is, it can be earlier than workers into the mine operation, can even take some dangerous tasks. This fall, will undergo further comprehensive testing in the Boliden mine automatic truck driving this car Volvo, it in the underground test line will be up to 7000 meters, and are located in more than 1300 meters from the surface in the tunnel. If the project goes well, the future Volvo may consider adding more than three in the Boliden mine exactly the same driverless trucks. Well, it seems that in science fiction?相关的主题文章: