Walk hand in hand to start open transfer of hope and love tour – Sports Sohu   9:30 this morning, Foshan Golf activities — special Leshan "walk" to join the international volunteer organization GIVES together to create hand in hand "the starting ceremony kicked off. Ms. Guan Xiaomin, deputy director of the Foshan Municipal Sports Bureau of Foshan hi tech Zone Party Working Committee, deputy secretary of the South China Sea District, Shishan town, Nanhai District Party committee secretary Liu Tao, the new world real estate China Mr. Southern China district director Mr. Geng Shusen, Foshan golf club, Professor William, general manager of Mr. Han Qifu, chairman of the GIVES, Ms. Nyina, Consul General of Poland Ms. Yue Anna the American Community College,? Mr. Smith and MS. Liu Maoying, representative of Foshan civilization Ms. Tang Junyao and other guests attended the opening ceremony.   college kids dance Prelude essence brings vibrant dance "hand in hand" opened the ceremony. Followed by Han Qifu, general manager of the Foshan Golf Club speech, he said in his speech, the new world group has been focusing on charity, focusing on environmental protection. In addition to the "hand in hand, caring for autistic children" special activities, GUANG new world these years also in charitable and environmental protection efforts. For example, in 2014 1 million donation to the Foshan Red Cross Hospital School, help children get long stay in hospital in the process of education; adhere to the free fun golf teaching activities for 100 children in a school in Foshan in Guangdong province; the development of Golf Golf Association Youth set up 200 thousand yuan of training funds; at the same time this year the Foshan golf club again won the international environmental organization GEO certification, in charitable and environmental protection efforts on Guang New World and pay, has been affirmed by the community. Today, I hope that we can together pay attention to autistic children, love and dedication in walking in.   next to participate in the sharing of two special guests – known as Foshan’s most beautiful "red girl" and "white girl". Simple share is the new world China estate GIVES Guangdong international volunteer service group "autistic children" project award ceremony. The new world to set an example of practical action, called on more people to join the ranks of our love, warmth and love to pass out!   GIVES volunteer service group also invited to a total of 10 families with autistic children arrived at the scene, the guests for the children to send the Foshan open the mascot "bean", hope to have the "bean" with this group of children can become stronger, more courageous. Finally, children with autism Foshan children one by one, as a bridge, opened 5 kilometers of love walking tour.    相关的主题文章: