Wang Shi was involved in private remarks and apologize: it’s not despise private enterprises – Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Zhu Kaiyun) yesterday, Vanke chairman Wang Shi micro-blog issued a document on the private speech involving apology, accusations against the "Tianshan summit" speech does not mention the welcome speech Vanke series of private enterprises to become the first major shareholder, Wang Shi responded said, if that despise private or private entrepreneurs, it is even oneself also look down on. In addition, some media said, "treasure system" due to tight funding will withdraw from the largest shareholder, but Bao energy related personage denied this statement. Mr. Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke board of directors, said at micro-blog summit that a few words were not the keynote of the speech, but unexpectedly caused an uproar. Wang himself accused of "arrogance" and "discrimination against private enterprises", or to justify not strong. But to many friends confused, troubled, really not willing, heart very upset, must apologize, must admit mistakes. Vanke is not state-owned enterprises, Lao Wang also has no official status, Vanke partners are mostly private enterprises, and Wang’s circle of friends is mostly private entrepreneurs. If you look down on private enterprises or private entrepreneurs, you even despise yourself. Wang Shi said, as to what kind of shareholder structure, is more conducive to the long-term development of Vanke, not one hundred or two hundred words can clearly express. After the Spring Festival or a long article, turn to the leaders of the parties. "Treasure million dispute" is still in stalemate, Vanke H shares resume trading since January 6th, to December 18th last year, the stop price of 22.9 Hong Kong dollars and the last trading day closing price of sheep 17.72 Hong Kong dollars calculated, since the resumption of trading, Vanke shares fell by more than 20%. Vanke A before the suspension of the closing price of 24.43 yuan, if the resumption of trading, as the H-share shares fell more than 20%, then Vanke A or will adjust to 20 yuan. Vanke A from July 11, 2015 to December 26th, a total of 5 times the announcement of Qianhai life or Qianhai life and concerted action Shenzhen huge holdings of manpower, the holdings of the average price of 14.27 per share to 20.05 yuan. If the stock price plummeted after the resumption of trading, how will the Department of energy to deal with? Vanke A days before the announcement that the restructuring related work in advance, A shares continue to be suspended. Vanke said that the company has signed a non legally binding letter of intent with a potential counterparty. At the same time, the company is negotiating with other potential counterparties in addition to negotiations with potential counterparties. Yesterday, it was reported that "treasure system" originally capital chain tight, and now the bank can further tighten the loan to treasure, resulting in more tension in the capital chain. Currently, Bao is trying to sell some shares, including and not limited to Vanke shares. Caixin quoted a person close to Vanke revealed that Bao energy has agreed to withdraw from the largest shareholder of Vanke, reduce part of the shares, positioning financial investors. But yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily reporter to treasure relevant personage to verify, the other side denied that treasure is trying to sell Vanke shares, "this statement is not currently based on".

王石就涉民企言论道歉:真不是看不起民营企业-搜狐新闻  本报讯(记者 朱开云)昨日,万科董事会主席王石在微博发文就涉民企言论致歉,针对外界指责其在“天山峰会”上发言提到的不欢迎民企成为万科第一大股东的系列言论,王石回应称,若说看不起民企或民营企业家,那是连自己也看不起了。另外,有媒体称“宝能系”由于资金吃紧将退出第一大股东,但宝能方面相关人士否认了此说法。   万科董事会主席王石在微博表示,天山峰会上几句话,并非发言主旨,不料引发轩然大波。老王自己被指“傲慢”、“歧视民营企业”,或属咎由自取,不宜强作辩解。但给诸多友人带来迷惑困扰,实非所愿,心中十分不安,必须道歉,必须认错。万科并非国企,老王亦无任何官方身份,万科的伙伴多是民企,老王的朋友圈多是民营企业家。若说看不起民企或民营企业家,那是连自己也看不起了。   王石表示,至于什么样的股东结构,才更有利于万科长远发展,非一两百字所能表达清楚。春节后或借一长文,求教于各方贤达。   “宝万之争”目前仍在胶着,万科H股1月6日复牌至今,以去年12月18日停盘价22.9港元和羊年最后一个交易日收盘价17.72港元计算,复牌以来万科H股累计跌幅超过20%。万科A停牌前的收盘价为24.43元,若复牌后,如同H股一样下跌超过20%,那么万科A或将调整到20元以下。万科A在2015年7月11日至12月26日,共5次公告前海人寿或前海人寿与一致行动人深圳钜盛华的增持情况,其增持均价在每股14.27到20.05元之间。若复牌后股价暴跌,宝能系将如何应对?   万科A日前发布公告称,重组相关工作正常推进,A股继续停牌。万科表示,目前公司已与一名潜在交易对手签署了一份不具有法律约束力的合作意向书。同时公司除与前述潜在交易对手继续谈判之外,还在与其他潜在对手方进行谈判和协商。   昨日有报道称,“宝能系”本来资金链吃紧,现在有关银行对宝能系贷款进一步收紧,导致资金链更加紧张。目前宝能正试图出售一些股票,包括且不限于万科股份。财新网援引一位接近万科的人士透露,宝能已同意从万科第一大股东位上退下,减持部分股份,定位财务投资者。但昨日北京青年报记者向宝能相关人士求证,对方否认宝能正试图出售万科股份,“这种说法目前没有依据”。相关的主题文章: