"Wanwansui" Liu Tao seeking spiritual love daozhui Huang Jue rejected the Sina entertainment news by Blue Sky Studios, Tianshi satellite media, hualubaina, Beijing Beijing Chinese shadow Wenxuan jointly produced, directed by Liu Xin, Liu Tao, Kaili Zhang, [micro-blog] Huang Jue, Han Tongsheng, Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wei Wei, Li Jingjing, Yang Miao etc. starring the city emotional drama "love forever" aired more than half. The play for everyone to bring laughter at the same time, Liu Tao does not love love meat cooked to male, brave of heart daozhui Huang Jue, lead the audience hot; Ye Zuxin and Pan Chen love flash flash marriage, "the parents" plot full of surprise. Liu Tao does not love love fresh ripe male "spiritual love cited resonance in the latest episode of deep feelings, Liu Tao dilemma. Don’t give up on his face after the "two rich generation" Wei Wei, Liu Tao decisively rejected, "I love mature man" is the most straightforward answer to her face; ever escape his feelings of "single father" Huang Jue, Liu Tao reveals the helpless and sad, "I don’t deserve you" became the most hurtful discourse. A bold, rich and powerful "two rich generation", is a gentle and delicate, no house no car "single father", in the face of huge differences between the two men of God, the choice of friends is polarized: "people still want to get real, Wei Weicai is the right man", "I choose Huang Jue, together the most important values." "When I came to Beijing with my husband, I was still a student. I didn’t have anything. My parents weren’t around." The writer leaders in an interview with generous shared their love story, she said frankly that Jeanna is actually own a microcosm. In addition, she said with emotion as the foundation of the family is more stable, love is about the spirit of the match, this also is the core of love to convey the concept of. Ye Zuxin and Pan Chen married love 90 rushed Zhengyi Ye Zuxin and Pan Chen is the first collaboration, but full understanding the performance is full energy, and will be 90 Shuaizhen, paranoia, capricious deductive just perfect. Ye Zuxin plays Jin Bo after suffering love joy when Dad, rushed to encounter Pan Chen’s hot beauty Julia. Two people ignore both parents in the aspect of material "mean" to steal account of the first registration of the reported behavior caused great controversy, support the party said: "his love to his own ah", the opposition said: "this is child’s play, the marriage as a trifling matter!" In the face of the two people so reckless style of doing things, screenwriter leaders also have their own ideas, "" truth "is one of the important characteristics of 90 children, they will not see the face acting a little lack of sense of responsibility, but the true expression of a manifestation of self it is their responsibility." Can Liu Tao daozhui success? Does Wei Wei give up? Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen will encounter what? Every night 19:30 Zhejiang TV China blue theater, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: