Warcraft 7 emerald nightmare battlefield EU four public will open up copies of the epic – Sina World of Warcraft in September 29th September 28th September 23rd September 22nd September 21st September 20th – EN (Emerald nightmare) first kill statistics note: Color Association camp, unified time for the Beijing time, bold for the world’s first kill. Boss Asia Europe US H sarvis seven @CN-   12:18  and iron; September 22nd; Prestige Gaming @EU-Ravencrest 19:57 Nurfed @US-Tichondrius September 21st September 21st 12:57 (video) M Nishandela wave flow @CN- sal   September 29th 08:50  Exorsus; @ EU-Howling Fjord  Easy @US-Aerie Peak  15:19  September 28th; 0:12  September 28th; M Ignacio north, corrosion heart of Alfa @CN- Cronin   September 29th 21:29  Exorsus @EU-Howling Fjord  21:53  Limit @US-Illidan& September 28th; nbsp;   M AI Lerui Joseph ray flowers shadow cream @CN- Blanchard   From Scratch @EU-Sargeras  10:14  September 29th; 16:18  September 28th; Easy @US-Aerie Peak  1:15  September 28th; M Alfa @CN-   Ukraine swarc Rhonin; September 29th 1 2:27  From Scratch @EU-Sargeras 17:12  Midwinter @US-Sargeras  September 28th; September 28th; 3:45  M;     long nightmare; Exorsus @EU-Howling Fjord 18:00  Midwinter @US-Sargeras  September 28th; September 28th; 6:41  M Senna Cornelius     Exorsus @EU-Howling Fjord 05:58  September 29th;     M     Exorsus @EU-Howl sarvis.相关的主题文章: