Alert in "fancy" coat of the old shopping group — Travel Channel original title: alert in "fancy" coat of the old shopping group no age limit, the charter boat equipped with accompanying doctor, continuous car shall not exceed 2 hours…… September 1st, "travel elderly tourism service standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") formally implemented, starting from "chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment" the six elements of tourism, combined with the physical and psychological characteristics of elderly people made a lot of detailed provisions, to ensure that the elderly tourists travel experience. But at the same time, there are still a large number of tourist traps on the elderly, mainly induced consumption and forced shopping. Aunt Wang, who lives in Wuhan recently encountered such a thing. Because of the love of square dance, Aunt Wang participated in the Hongkong and the mainland, a company organized by the "international square dance contest" to Hongkong "show" and "competition". Aunt Aunt Wang where more than 60% of the square dance community have signed up application, membership fee is 1000 yuan. After arriving in Hongkong, Wang aunt and other performance of "special skills" somewhere in Hongkong arena, are devoted to community photo. At the end of the show, they took a stroll in Hongkong and took it to a shopping mall. Aunt Wang came to Hongkong before the family has been told to be careful trap, she has no bank card, credit card, only with a small amount of cash but also failed to escape the fate of forced shopping — the tour guide let Aunt Wang to his friends borrowed 400 yuan of money to buy goods. See from the WeChat spread a "Third Session of the Hongkong International Art Festival of folk dance exchange game invitation", this activity is jointly organized by the Hongkong Sports Association for the elderly "and" Shenzhen Golden Sun Culture Communication Co. Ltd ", sponsored unit as" Queen of Hongkong Jewelry Group "and" Asia International duty-free shops "the project covers the game, square dance, yangko dance, drum, Taijiquan and sword…… Almost all the elderly like "wiped out", project bonus prize of HK $10 thousand, two prize of HK $6000 to HK $3000, third-prize. Learned from the Internet search, "Hongkong Sports Association for the elderly" by media exposure, "the old man" had been forced shopping, do not buy the "Queen scolded; sponsor jewelry" was not to provide 180 days return guarantee hundred percent commitment to mainland tourists, the brigade parliament deducted 4 points, media have the exposed fakes in the "Asia International duty-free shops". In late July, the Provincial Council released the first half of 2016 to analyze the consumer complaints, which in 2015 to the first half of 2016, tourism has received a total of 759 categories of complaints, only occurred in Nanlang town of Zhongshan City, more than 300 pieces, mostly induced consumption. Zhongshan City Council responsible person said in an interview, this kind of phenomenon repeated and most of the victims were elderly, rights awareness is not strong on. In recent years, for the elderly tourist trap in health care, health It is often seen., travel tours, tours, investment square dance contest "coat" shopping group, often by the psychological weakness, offered in a variety of ways to attract the elderly, then forced shopping or induced consumption. Even if the "standards" promulgated, put an end to the tourist trap are difficult. Sixth national census data show that China’s 60)相关的主题文章: