The car driver forgot by the kindergarten   Tianjin 4 and a half year old girl’s death — Society — original title: Tianjin car driver forgot to kindergarten 4 and a half year old girl’s death yesterday afternoon, the kindergarten and parents waiting to pick up the child. Families for map September 7th, Hedong District, Tianjin, a kindergarten driver will be a 4 year old girl forgotten in a private car, died after rescue. Yesterday, the Tianjin police informed that the driver Zhang due to the maintenance of the brakes will be forgotten in the car to leave the girls, has been on the head of the kindergarten and Zhang to take criminal coercive measures. It is understood that someone’s sunshine bilingual kindergarten is located in Hedong District in the area outside the Jingtai, is a private kindergarten, girl Cheng Cheng (a pseudonym) in the school where the class. His uncle Wang introduced, 7 at 7:45 in the morning or so, Cheng Cheng father sent her to the kindergarten driver’s private car, the car was only a driver, the child sitting behind the driver position. Mr. Wang said that around 5 in the afternoon, parents received a phone call from kindergarten, said Cheng Cheng was in the hospital for rescue, so that they rushed to the past as soon as possible. Parents rushed to the hospital, I saw the whole body stiff, black and purple, clothes and hair are soaked, and there is no vital signs. "The child is good, did not expect to leave suddenly." Wang said the driver and kindergarten too irresponsible, in up to 9 hours, did not find the child still in the car, and no communication with parents. "The child is still in the morgue, we want to know what is the death of children." Mr. Wang said, Cheng Cheng home from kindergarten about 10 minutes by car, as a result of the child’s parents to work, usually sent by the nursery car shuttle. Every time the car is not much, often one to two students. Let him think impassability, after the incident, the kindergarten is still open. Yesterday, the reporter repeatedly call the sun bilingual kindergarten, the phone has been no answer. Last night, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau Hedong branch informed that 7, 17 am, the Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report of 110, said a girl in the car hypoxia asphyxia, after the hospital died. After preliminary investigation, the same day at 8 am, a kindergarten driver Zhang (male, aged 37) driving a private car to pick up a girl from the home to the kindergarten, in front of the kindergarten, due to the maintenance of the brakes will forget the girl in the car. 16:50 Xu, Zhang ready to send girls home, found the girl was forgotten in the car, then call 120 to be sent to a nearby hospital, the girl died after rescue. Currently, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau Hedong branch has been on file for investigation, according to the law and the person in charge of the head of the kindergarten Zhao criminal coercive measures taken. The case is under further investigation. Last night, the reporter learned from the Hedong District Propaganda Department staff was informed that the police are doing early evidence investigation, someone’s kindergarten has been shut down. The staff said, someone’s nursery has small, medium and large 3 classes, a total of 89 children, 8 afternoon parents pick up their kids that the Education Bureau has asked the kindergarten students will be shut down, in the vicinity of several kindergartens and properly placed, to ensure there to learn. On the progress of the case, the next step will be informed of the police. (reporter intern reporter Lu Takami (Chen Yujing): Malaysia may commissioning editor (real)相关的主题文章: