West Lake popular attractions are free Wi-Fi three steps in 1 minutes easy fix (Figure) West Lake popular attractions are free Wi-Fi West Lake popular attractions are free Wi-Fi white Pinghong Polygonum West, Isshiki Huguang million hectares of the autumn of October in Hangzhou, the United States can not be in the side. In West Lake a photo sent circle of friends, everybody should be "fixed action", the tourists not to hate every photo to share with friends, but afraid of accidentally, the flow is not enough. This national day, you can put these small worries away. Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee, in the dawn of eleven golden week, Hangzhou West Lake scenic area will be the first to start free Wi-Fi coverage action. The beginning of the past few days, as long as you go to the west side, open mobile phone, you will find a called "i-xihu" wireless networks in the mobile phone, the wireless network is Lake Scenic Area and spent more than two years, convenience measures carefully introduced, it is completely free, is still debugging, since the National Day holiday officially open to all people. The process of using the free Wi-Fi Internet is not a bit of trouble, three steps, 1 minutes can easily fix. The first step, as long as you are in the West Lake area, open the mobile phone search nearby wireless networks, access point selection, the "i-xihu", is "the love of West Lake". The second step, click on the link, the page will automatically jump to the "welcome to West Lake wisdom wireless network", this time, enter your mobile phone number to get the verification code. The third step, enter the verification code, click OK, formally connected to wireless network. After successful authentication you can, without any burden to live the beauty of West Lake. For the first time after completion of certification, you can enjoy a key login. Free Wi-Fi signal can be described as "West Lake scenic area, covering more than 400 blossom everywhere" hot. Taking West Lake as the core, you want to go to eat and see where are covered, such as Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Prince Bay, zoo, temple and Wu Shan, and the Hangzhou Museum, Yu Qian temple, Lou Wailou Restaurant, lakeside home, Sir Georg Solti, hot these places through the indoor outdoor, there are Wi-Fi full coverage. Some people do not trust, so many scenic spots in West Lake, the wireless network instability in the end stability? West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee in charge of relevant departments as an example, the Zhanbi Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer building on 5 hot spots, a point can be used together as long as 50 people, 250 people are not at the same time to see the video, you brush WeChat, hair circle of friends, is also not a little problem. Also, when you go to the left Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer, a hot spot, will automatically switch over, do not need to repeat the connection. At this point, the Shandong tourists Mr. Fang confirmed yesterday that he will play in the west, about the experience of this network, we give a positive answer: "speed quickly, the signal is enough, a good experience." In addition, the Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee will be through the Wi-Fi data, realize the statistical analysis of the scenic passenger distribution, tourists keen line etc..

西湖边热门景点有了免费Wi-Fi 三个步骤1分钟轻松搞定(图) 西湖边热门景点有了免费Wi-Fi 西湖边热门景点有了免费Wi-Fi   白苹红蓼西风里,一色湖光万顷秋,十月的杭州,美得不可方物。在西湖边合影拍照发朋友圈,应该是每个人的“固定动作”,游客们恨不得把每一张照片都分享给朋友们,却又担心一不小心,流量就不够用了。这个国庆开始,你尽可以把这些小担心都收起来。杭州西湖风景名胜区管委会表示,在十一黄金周来临之际,杭州西湖景区将率先启动免费Wi-Fi覆盖大行动。   从前几天开始,只要你走到西湖边,打开手机,就会发现一个叫做“i-xihu”的无线网络出现在手机里,这个无线网络,就是西湖风景区花了两年多的时间,精心推出的便民措施,它完全免费,目前还在调试中,国庆长假起正式向所有人开放。   使用免费Wi-Fi上网的过程一点也不麻烦,三个步骤1分钟就可以轻松搞定。   第一步,只要你在西湖景区,打开手机搜索附近的无线网络,选择接入点“i-xihu”,对,就是“爱西湖”。   第二步,点击连接,网页会自动跳转至“欢迎使用智慧西湖无线网”,这个时候,输入你的手机号码,获取验证码。   第三步,输入验证码,点击“确认”按钮,无线网络正式接通。   认证成功之后,你就可以没有任何负担地直播西湖美景。首次认证完成,之后即可享受一键登录。   西湖景区的免费Wi-Fi信号可谓“遍地开花”,覆盖了400多个热点。以西湖为核心,你想去逛的吃的和看的地方,都覆盖到了,比如三潭印月、花港观鱼、太子湾、动物园、岳庙、吴山,还有杭州博物馆、于谦祠、楼外楼、湖畔居、苏堤等,这些地方通过室内室外的热点,都有Wi-Fi全覆盖。   也有人不放心,西湖景区人那么多,这个无线网络到底稳不稳定呢?   西湖风景名胜区管委会相关部门负责人举了个例子,曲院风荷的湛碧楼就5个热点,一个点可以有50个人共同使用,只要250个人没有在同一时间内看视频,大家刷刷微信,发发朋友圈,是一点问题也没有的。而且,当你离开曲院风荷,去往下一个景点,热点就自动切换过去了,不需要重复连接。这一点,得到了山东游客方先生的印证,昨天他在苏堤游玩时,就体验了一下这个网络,给出了一个肯定的答案:“网速很快,信号很足,体验很好。”   此外,杭州西湖风景名胜区管委会将通过Wi-Fi大数据,实现对景区客流分布、游客游览热衷线路等进行统计分析,游客通过连接景区Wi-Fi上网页面了解附近交通线路、食宿、活动等生活类信息。相关的主题文章: