"Westward journey 3" Tang Yan side Yan beauty fine is the fairy contour source: Ruili nets for 20 years, the "Westward Journey" finally came back! N, the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Karen Mok is the Ganaiganhen Jingjing, but that of enenyuanyuan how much load it and the celestial has replaced Han Geng and Tang Yan. The Tang Yan version of Tang Yan version of the toxic side Yan Zi Xia celestial makeup though in many places are still in hand to pay tribute to the classic, but the main sugar brow, high nose, plump Apple muscle but for the new added different aspect zixia. In particular, the side of the face, it is toxic to the United States, but also in advance for the box office to make a guarantee. Tang Yan does not wear cosmetic contact lenses eyes are still sharp natural beauty is really beautiful "beautiful" is the full range of Weiyang Tang Yance Yan is Rio beautiful words, as the first test of side Yan beauty, the features of requirements are very high, although the facial contour can rely on make-up modified stereo effect, but the side view is easy to see. But delicate perfect side face is the brightest star plus weapon, whether it is in the "beautiful" is the full range of Weiyang Tang Ye Yanfan flourishing beauty babies feel or no friend to the United States, let the small Yue Yue in the face of great black threats also be brave to express the beauty of woman is cool Fan Ye ah just and the ocean smiled with you baby chunxindangyang cool girl is fully deserve side face. The problem comes, as a congenital facial contour of the general Asian girl, how can we get through the hard work, so that the contours of the more perfect, as a side Yan toxic paper…… Today, I would like to make a serious talk with you. The first one to poison parafacialia compact go manual pull so easy skin swollen to have side face charming, natural facial lines is more compact. Edema as a lethal side of the big face killer, must be destroyed in the cradle. Want to quickly eliminate edema, massage is the most efficient and effective method, as long as the massage place, can easily play a manual lift effect. Step1 with fingers on her cheeks ring 3 times. Pay special attention to the strength, from bottom to top to force, can slow down some pressure from top to bottom. Step2 with finger from eye head, sliding along the orbit round, after the end of eye is harder. Repeat 3 times. Step3 will start from the three fingers close together, ear position, sliding to the neck clavicle direction, to some. Repeat 3 times. Poison side Yan second strokes nose star people don’t worry Asian women have the spring massage industry because of the lack of inherent advantages, and then three-dimensional facial features no European side looks very flat, the whole face without stereo feeling. As a snub nosed family, is most afraid of being seen his side face, nose shadow more after all, a full open to the side. Hurry to do massage, long-term adherence, according to a high nose is not a dream. Step1 two in the corner of the eye to the middle finger pinch (root position), stay for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times. Step2 with both hands thumb on the mountain beside some sunken place, to the inside of the direction of massage, repeated 10 times. Step3 thumb on the relative in both sides of the nose, with little pressure from the middle press the way upward push, repeat 10.相关的主题文章: