"The magical animal where" change the file 11.25 new magic world regression – Sohu where "the entertainment" the magical animal changed files 11.25 exposure POSTER "freckles" Eddie Reid Mayne played magic zoologist Newt Sohu entertainment news today (October 26th), Warner Bros., Rowling’s first product J.K. writers of the "magical animal where" announced the change file to be released in November 25th than the scheduled date of November 18th postponed for a week. Following the Harry – Potter series after the end of a lapse of five years, and then returned to the new world of magic, and although the sudden change, but does not affect the enthusiasm of the fans of the. "The magical animal where" is the first time Rowling personally penned the script works, she is still home to the construction of the magical world, and more ambitious. Rowling said in an interview "spoilers" said that this movie will have a strong enough to threaten the world magician force rise, "this is what I have been interested in, but I have always wanted to do." The earlier global fan Festival, Rowling also officially announced that there will be five of the Ministry of Magic Movies born successively, the story outline has been completed preparatory. Where is the "magical animal" will be officially released, the fans back to returning to the world of magic. The streets of New York by unknown attacks occurred in the early in the movie "Harry Potter" series of nearly a century of the United States in 1926, New York, British magic zoologist Newt (Eddie Reid meien ornaments) research and protection work is nearing the end of the magic animal to carry out ring ball tour, but the accident is always accompanied by the plan, Newt new friend chicken (American name, Muggle refers to the ordinary people don’t magic) Jacob came from Newt’s box put away a few magic animal. Three buddy Tina Newt and the new knowledge (Catherine Watson), Jacob (Dan fogler), Queenie (Alison Su on bud) find magical animal adventure, as the magic world is turbulent situation, magicians and escape the magic chicken incompatible as fire and water, animal the magician exposure exists, which means that both sides of the war trigger. The dark forces hidden at the same time waiting in the wings, the obstacle to the hero, an evil contest kicked off. November 25th, the film will be 3D, IMAX3D, as well as Chinese giant screen 3D format released in mainland china.相关的主题文章: