Why build Chinese "eye" in the mountains? Experts decrypt innovation – Sohu technology   Chinese "eye in the sky". Pay the photo posted in Pingtang County propaganda office for Beijing November 5 Qiannan Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) 500 m diameter spherical radio telescope has a super "eye" (FAST) September in Pingtang County of Guizhou province Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Karst depressions in completion. Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Observatory, Yan Jun has said publicly that "the use of natural depressions in Karst as the site pit laying in thousands of pieces of unit coronary refelector by light, cable dragging mechanism and parallel robot to achieve high-precision positioning receiver, this is the three innovation Chinese" eye in the sky "". Today, FAST chief technologist Wang Qiming released three major innovations Chinese "eye" to the media. The first innovation is the use of natural Karst crater as a site". Wang Qiming said a word in the hearts of many people doubt. "You may feel, why should we do the mountains do" eye in the sky ‘, is not in other places can also dig a pit." He explained that, but if it is dug by the pit, it becomes a reservoir of rain". FAST project site research team leader Song Jianbo also said in an interview, the mountain water system of the telescope’s "personal security" of great significance, once the "blocking the drainage system and the bottom of the nest, will not flow into the underground river water in the mountain, there is the danger of being submerged telescope.   500 m diameter telescope construction – grams of Wo dang. Pingtang County propaganda office for map reporter access to Pingtang County People’s government website, although the abundant rainfall China "eye" located in Pingtang County, Karst on the local topography but with rock permeability. Wang Qiming said that the Karst landform is conducive to natural drainage, while Guizhou Qiannan rain, but the rain here is generally not water. Before FAST, the world’s largest radio telescope is the Arecibo (Arecibo) 300 meter aperture radio telescope. The telescope is fixed and can not rotate, only through the telescope, a depth of about 20° scanning the sky change in source antenna failure; strip, and the spherical angle FAST reached 110° -120°. The reflective surface system of FAST is composed of supporting tower, cable net structure and reflector panel. Wang Qiming has said that the cable net structure of FAST project can change with moving objects, 4450 reflecting unit driven by cable network, the formation of 300 meters diameter paraboloid in the source direction, thus greatly improve the observation efficiency. The active reflector of "China eye" have a wider range of observation. "The structure is complex, but we are lightweight, so the cost is greatly reduced." He said.   Chinese "eye" night. Pingtang County propaganda office for the cabin is the core component of the FAST receiver and the return signal, the reflector telescope received all the signal).相关的主题文章: