Why the new admission of children are particularly vulnerable to illness, how to prevent? September – Sohu is also the mother school season, children are most likely to get sick of the season, especially just kindergarten children, has not adapt to the life of the kindergarten, the first is to knock down all kinds of diseases, the children suffer, parents also suffer. Some parents one-sided view, this is due to teachers to take care of the cause, the fact is true? Why the new admission of children are particularly vulnerable to illness, how to break the spell? China health promotion and Education Association Project Office published a "newborn nursery status survey" results showed that nearly 90% children will appear all sorts of symptoms in the early admission, more than half of the children sick after admission probability increased significantly, of which 44% of the children in the first semester was over 3 times. Why in the kindergarten teacher care, the child is still easy to get sick? 1 of the living environment and habits change the environment of kindergarten is strange for children, kindergarten routine and diet time may be different and the home, the child’s physical and mental needs a process of adapting to the new environment, if the process of adapting smoothly, it can lead to physical discomfort symptoms. 2 emotions also affect the health of children is to adapt to the new environment, but also bear the separation anxiety of mom and Dad, mood swings will cause children appear anxious to get angry, the body’s resistance will decrease, increase the risk of infection. 3 chance of cross infection in kindergarten, children at least a dozen partners to contact every day, the chance of cross infection increases, the risk of infection is bound to increase. Easy to sick children just park, which has a chance of these sick children in kindergarten is higher, if your child has the following kinds of situation, it would have to pay more attention to the. The child is poor adaptability of your children home will change the environment of "The climate does not suit one."? Excessive protection of many parents, the children living in a sterile environment, leading to its adaptation to the environment variation. At the beginning of the kindergarten to this strange environment, without parents meticulous care, the child will have anxiety and fear. This "adverse reaction" not only makes parents very worried and worried, but also affect the child’s physical and mental health. If the child is allergic physique of children I love eczema and urticaria, sleep always restless, love roll, or have a family history, such as the father or mother is allergic rhinitis, asthma and other diseases, these children are allergic physique, they will be higher than other children, the risk of illness. Don’t go out very often children because their parents work more busy, many children are now by taking care of the elderly, in order to avoid his injury, let the children play with toys, stay at home watching cartoons, and not let him go out and interact with other children. Such children a lack of exercise, the body is weak, on the other hand, poor interpersonal skills, to the kindergarten after due to anxiety and discomfort caused by illness. Children with poor resistance相关的主题文章: