Will you pick the milk powder? Sohu maternal and child, what is formula? Formula milk powder, milk powder is based on the basis of ordinary milk powder. The purpose is to meet the nutritional needs of children. Although, any formula can not be comparable with breast milk, but to the baby to add formula, is the world’s most recognized way. Two, what are the main ingredients? Protein: a- whey protein can provide the most close to the amino acid composition of breast milk, improve protein bioavailability, reduce the total amount of protein, thereby effectively reducing the burden on the kidneys. DHA and AA: conducive to children’s mental and visual development. Vitamin A, D, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus ratio of 2:1, while the addition of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium. Nucleotide: can enhance baby resistance. Does not contain palm oil, calcium absorption is more conducive to promote the development of children’s bones. First, the formula is divided into several categories? 1, ordinary infant formula for ordinary infants, milk based ingredients. General family choose ordinary formula can meet the nutritional needs of your baby. According to the child’s age to choose stage. Ps: if you find milk and baby body does not match, should immediately stop, re brand. 2, premature infant formula milk needs to be designed specifically for premature infant formula milk powder, because of its short term, poor digestive system, this formula and the formula of the composition of the infant will be different. 3, hydrolyzed formula milk formula, nutrients have been hydrolyzed in advance, do not need to digest the baby can be absorbed in the stomach. Mainly suitable for chronic diarrhea baby, digestive enzyme deficiency baby, short bowel disease baby. 4, lactose free formula is also known as soy milk formula. This formula does not contain lactose, but for babies born with a lack of lactase and chronic diarrhea leading to intestinal lactase baby design of the surface erosion. Ps: baby diarrhea can stop the original formula, directly into the formula. After the improvement of diarrhea, the gradual change of milk. Two, formula how to choose? A look at two smell three pinch four punch! 1, look at the normal color: white with light yellow. Color or deep yellow lemon coke. The package is complete, the label has the trademark, the production factory name, the production date, the batch number, the storage time limit and so on. The packaging of different materials, the preservation period of different. Tin sealed nitrogen packed stored for a period of 2 years, non nitrogen packaging for 1 years; bottled for 9 months, bags for 6 months. 2, smell the smell of incense: normal light. If there is a smell, musty, sour, that has changed. Sour, mainly in the process of sterilization is not complete. Oxidation of fatty acids, mainly unsaturated fatty acid oxidation. Rot taste, color, moisture milk. 3, with the feel of the normal handle: hand pinch, loose soft. Milk powder agglomeration, a pinch that is broken, is damp. Caking hard and large, is bad. Plastic bag: hand pinch, soft and loose, slightly rustling sound. Glass: canned tank upside down, the bottom of the tank without adhesion slightly. 4, water flush normal situation: after boiling water regulation,相关的主题文章: