Women on the 55 floor suddenly fall to the ground   citizens and foreigners relay cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: Women suddenly fall to the ground on the 55 storey building, citizens and foreigners relay cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a young man actively come forward to chest compression. Foreign friends relay cardiopulmonary resuscitation. First aid personnel arrived. (this picture is provided by Mr. Kang) on the 55 storey building, a woman suddenly fell to the ground, respiratory arrest, critical moment, the public and foreign friends relay her heart and lung resuscitation. Yesterday afternoon, 4 pm 5 Xu, deputy cloud on the Xiamen viewing platform, a "cloud rescue" tension, and then the woman was 120 emergency medical treatment. "I just took pictures of the lady, and I didn’t expect to leave just a moment later, and she had an accident." The time of the incident, Mr. Kang also said he was in the viewing platform, MS, about 50 years old, a person lying on the ground, pale, devoid of consciousness. See this sudden accident, many tourists have gathered around, people rushed to call 120, a young man also took the initiative, kneeling in the ladies side and begin chest compressions on her. At this point, a foreign friend also volunteered to join the rescue, he asked the interpreter to ask whether you can participate in first aid, see the people around the nod, he immediately stooped to clap the shoulder of the lady, to determine its lack of consciousness, then take over the young people, continue to chest compression. One, two, three…… The press lasted for about 7 minutes, and the lady moved a little. The scene made the people excited, but the young people and foreign friends didn’t dare to slack off. They continued CPR until the ambulance arrived. After that, the emergency personnel sent the woman to hospital. [reminder] how cardiopulmonary resuscitation? The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University emergency department deputy chief physician Zhang Yuhu reminds, at higher elevations in cardiac arrest, and emergency treatment is in the ground, so don’t have patients with metastatic disease, but also in the first time to call 120, emergency call, evacuation of the surrounding crowd, the patient is transferred to the window or more air circulation then, to confirm whether the patient is conscious, touch the carotid artery or pat on the shoulder. These movements should be completed within 10 seconds. If you do not touch the carotid pulse, the patient unconscious, should perform CPR on smooth hard ground as soon as possible, in the center of press breasts, a minute more than 100 less than 120, at a depth of 5 cm to 6 cm, once you start CPR can not be stopped, and to maintain a certain speed, not unsteadiness. If the patient is conscious, he can watch and pacify, evacuate the people around, keep the ventilation and oxygen supply, and wait for the medical staff to come. Start reading the text (commissioning editor: Yao Luying, Zhang Zijian) 55层高楼上女子突然倒地 市民和老外接力心肺复苏–福建频道–人民网 原标题:55层高楼上女子突然倒地 市民和老外接力心肺复苏   一位青年人主动上前进行胸部按压。   外国友人接力进行心肺复苏。   急救人员赶到。(本组图由康先生提供)   55层高楼上,一位女子突然倒地不起,呼吸骤停,危急关头市民和外国友人接力为她心肺复苏。昨日下午4时5分许,在世茂云上厦门观景平台上,一场“云上救援”紧张进行,随后女子被120紧急送医。   “刚刚我还为这位女士照相,没想到离开才一会儿,她就出事了。”事发时,康先生也在观景平台上,他说,女士约莫50岁左右,人躺在地上脸色发青,全无意识。看到这突如其来的意外,许多市民游客纷纷围拢过来,有人赶忙拨打120,一位青年人更主动上前,跪坐在女士身旁,开始对她进行胸部按压。   此时,一位外国友人也自告奋勇加入救援,他先请翻译询问是否能参与急救,见周围人点头,他立即俯身拍了拍女士的肩膀,确定其暂无意识,于是接替青年人,继续进行胸部按压。   一下,两下,三下……按压持续了约7分钟,女士稍稍有些动静,这一幕让周围人有些振奋,但青年人和外国友人不敢懈怠,他们继续心肺复苏,直到救护车赶到才停下。之后,急救人员将女士送往医院抢救。   【提醒】   如何心肺复苏?   厦门大学附属第一医院急诊部张玉虎副主任医师提醒,在高海拔处遇上心脏骤停,急救处理与在平地时无异,因此不用特意转移病患,而是应在第一时间拨打120急救电话,同时,疏散周围人群,将病人转移到窗边或者空气较为流通处,接着确认病人是否还有意识,摸摸颈动脉或者拍拍双肩。这些动作尽可能在10秒钟之内完成。   如果触摸不到颈动脉搏动,病人又无意识,应尽快在平整硬地面进行心肺复苏术,在双乳连线中心用力按压,一分钟大于100下小于120下,深度在5到6厘米,一旦开始实施心肺复苏术不能中途停下,且要保持一定速度进行,不可忽快忽慢。若病人还有意识,可以先守望安抚,疏散周围人群保持通风供氧,等待医务人员到来。展开阅读全文    (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章: