Women’s volleyball team to Chinese brilliance auto cooperation ceremony Lang Ping Hui Ruoqi back – Sohu sports   in September 2nd, with "the spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball strength" as the theme of the brilliance auto group and Chinese women’s volleyball team official cooperation ceremony was held in Beijing, officially became the women’s Volleyball team China brilliance auto car prices only official partner. The same day, brilliance auto under the brand philosophy of "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic spirit, to commemorate the Olympic women’s volleyball team won the women’s volleyball team spirit, salute, to launch the V3 ingenuity to create the ultimate version of the model has become the focus of women’s volleyball champion at the signing ceremony. China National Women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping with the women’s volleyball team also went to the site, for the Chinese women’s Volleyball Championship Edition V3 love back.   cooperation ceremony, chairman, brilliance auto group Party Secretary Qi Yumin to the National Women’s volleyball team won the Olympics expressed heartfelt congratulations, lofty expectations of strategic cooperation between the two sides. Brilliance auto also portrait in the event sponsor’s Hua Song brand of high-end business models — Chinese song 7, as China National Women’s volleyball team official car, providing exclusive car and travel days after the women’s volleyball training. Hua Song 7 elegant appearance, ultra wide space, surging power and top security, will bring a more respectable business travel experience for women’s volleyball, more comfortable ride experience. Salute the Chinese women’s volleyball team spirit, Rong cast brilliance auto power and China National Women’s volleyball team cooperation began in responsibility, love, sublimation on common values and dreams. China’s indomitable spirit and the spirit of enterprise highly fit brilliance. This is also the reason of brilliance auto cooperation and years of women’s volleyball China. Brilliance Auto Road witnessed the glorious moment Chinese women’s volleyball team from the bottom to rise, and again to the top! The return from the 2015 women’s Volleyball World Cup champion, the 2016 Rio Olympics cut his way through a successful counter attack, win win, back to the top! A force is Chinese automobile independent brand camp, one is shaping the spirit totem Chinese "champions", brilliance auto always with the National Women’s volleyball team firmly together. The energy transfer is hard work and struggle of the women’s volleyball team spirit, is the national sports car with brilliance and shoulder, strong evidence to create the Chinese glory. The launch of the V3 version of the Chinese women’s Volleyball Championship, is not only concerned about the state of brilliance auto sports, powerful practice transfer is the spirit of women, both from identity to love, an important performance from partners to friends, to salute the tenacious struggle of the spirit of women, immortal monument common cast of glory, also means that the two sides spirit the Freemasonry. Born in May 2015 the V3 champion and King peer was born in the same year, Chinese the most authoritative Chinese production car performance contest, the Chinese V3 invincible. The lead beat all the competitors was named "corner king" title! Innate talent for sports and women’s volleyball sports complement each other. The release of the women’s Volleyball Championship Edition models, and cash 1.5TAT flagship derivative based on inherited all the advantages of the current model. The appearance of lines being tough with the movement of genes, fashion appearance make it pretty like strength. Carrying 1!相关的主题文章: