Wu Jing won many awards "wolf 2" and "wolf entertainment Sohu cited concern – 2" concern Wu Jing again won the Hundred Flowers Award Award nominated many Sohu entertainment news recently, Wu Jing directed the film "modern military theme" wolf, received many nominations in the tripod award and the award, again causing concern to the industry. Efforts to get recognized Wu Jing won the nomination in August 23rd of the twenty-fifth areas, the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie award held a press conference in Beijing, and released the list of nominees award. Wu Jing has directed and starred in the movie "the wolf", won Best Screenplay, best director two nominations, while the film itself is also nominated for best picture. Popular movie Hundred Flowers Award, is one of the three China Film Awards, produced by the viewer, can view and evaluation of the film on behalf of the majority of fans in the audience. The film festival opening soon, director Wu Jing with three nominations received the award recognition, good writing skills are that can play also play, directed by Wu Jing into the reputation guarantee. "The wolf" record of outstanding Wu Jing: Wu Jing’s "sequel to a comprehensive upgrade of the wolf" released in 2015, not only opened the modern military type of precedent, with three days of billions of dollars at the box office won the box office reputation double harvest. Earlier, Wu Jing with the movie "wolf" has won the eighteenth Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee Special Award and the sixteenth session of China Film Awards Best Film award. In the last week announced the twentieth China tripod Award nomination list of the top 12 awards. "The wolf" with 9 nominations to outshine others, to lead the tripod award, and the first to score at the top of the list. Just two weeks, the film director Wu Jing with his works "the wolf" leader of the two awards, good record to attract attention. It is worth mentioning that, this time Wu Jing was nominated for the best screenplay, whether it is winning or not, it will be the cause of the film industry to pay more attention and try again. "The wolf" good record, "Wu Jing effect" continuous fermentation. It is reported that Wu Jing is on fire, "the wolf" devoted 2 shooting. The "wolf" in China to obtain high box office and high reputation, in the "wolf 2" preparatory stage is also attracted to Hollywood to join the team, including "Captain America" 3 star villain "Cross Bones" and martial arts guide Sam is attracted, and Wu Jing jointly design, wonderful interpretation of the fight scenes, the movie battle scenes is expected to surpass the classic. Team full upgrade, the scene is even more ambitious, the story will be more popular. As a director, Wu Jing is full of confidence in "wolf 2" shooting process also appears, said in an interview: "Hollywood movie mode with the industrialization, we are making movies with life!"   相关的主题文章: