Clean up the tree climbing team Xiamen University Campus tree climbing effect class students to participate in the post disaster? Tree climbing team in Xiamen clean-up in the play. (Xiamen for map)? 17, Xiamen daily news (reporter She Zheng) – a few years ago opened a tree climbing course, has caused a sensation. At that time, some people think that the campus trees suffer. Yesterday, there was a bunch of Xiamen wearing helmets, stuffed earplugs to climb trees, they climb the professionalknowledge tree class, join the campus clean, save the Xiamen tree. ? in the typhoon "Meranti" outbreak, preliminary statistics, three Xiamen University campus there are nearly twenty thousand trees have been destroyed, some trees were uprooted, fallen trees, scattered branches, the Xiamen some sections like the original forest. From the day before yesterday, Xiamen composed of ten teams began sweeping the campus road. Yesterday, the Xiamen garrison dispatched officers joined Xiamen wrecker team. In this group of "scavenger", a dozen armed men very compelling, they wear a helmet, plug earplug, hand-held chainsaws oil tree pruning. Xiamen University Physical Education Teacher Zheng Daxiong said, they are a part of Xiamen tree climbing team, part of Xiamen is an elective class students to climb up a tree. ? "they have learnt to use the campus wrecker action, can climb to the machine is not up to the position of the pruned trees, more importantly, they know where to start is to save the tree." Zheng Daxiong said, on the tree climbing class, in addition to learning and learning to use oil trees, chainsaws and pruning protect trees, they wear helmets, earplugs, also learn to protect themselves. ? "first saw a branch of the tree, stay on them a check, 15, Xiamen University President Zhu Chongshi said in an interview, the Xiamen strive to maximize the withered trees down repair. (Xiamen network)相关的主题文章: