Xiamen: workers lying on the curb nap unfortunately by car rolling   all together to lift the car rescued – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: workers lying on the curb nap unfortunately by car rolled together to lift the car rescued people asleep asleep, sudden chest pain, opened his eyes but a darkish. Around 1 pm yesterday, a lying on the curb nap workers run over by a car. Public security, fire protection and workers together, lifted the car, rescued the man trapped in the car. This scene took place in Xiamen University campus. From the Lingyun tunnel out, downhill to the east direction, a car suddenly parked on the road side, the car even exposed half body. "Under two sheets of thick paper, look at the roadside nap." Onlookers said, some of the workers near the lunch for shade of cool air, rest, and the site is located just downhill at the corner, next to the road, it is easy to crash. Paralyzed man was stuck in between front and rear wheel chassis, but clear consciousness can answer fluently. The car was lifted and the man was transferred to a stretcher with the help of fire brigade, police and rescue personnel. It is reported that the workers were crushed from Sichuan, 39 years old. He was then taken to hospital for observation and treatment. Relevant departments have further investigated this issue. (reporter Ceng Yanyan) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 厦门:工人躺在路边纳凉午睡不幸遭车碾压 众人合力抬车救出–福建频道–人民网 原标题:工人躺在路边纳凉午睡不幸遭车碾压 众人合力抬车救出 睡着睡着,胸口突然传来剧痛,睁开眼却黑乎乎一片。昨日下午1时左右,一名躺在路边纳凉午睡的工人被车碾过。公安、消防及工友合力,抬起了轿车,救出了被困车底的男子。 这一幕发生在厦大校园内。从凌云隧道出来,下坡往东区方向,一辆轿车突然停在了马路边,车下竟然露出半截身子。“身下铺着两张厚纸皮,看样子是在路边午睡。”围观者说,附近有一些工人,趁着午休找树荫纳凉、休息,而出事地点正好位于下坡处的死角,又紧挨着马路,很容易出事。 男子被卡在前后轮之间的底盘下动弹不得,但意识清楚还能对答如流。在消防、公安等救援人员的协力下,轿车被抬起,男子被转移到担架上。 据悉,被碾伤的工人来自四川,今年39岁。随后他被送往医院住院观察与救治。有关部门已经对此进一步调查。(记者 曾嫣艳) (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: