Xi’an hardcore themed restaurant, how much can arouse your desire to eat when tourism – Sohu is no longer a thing when people eat on the go, this international problem carries more hope chowhound. Therefore, all kinds of theme restaurants came into being, heavy taste, cartoon, film, dream…… Each attempt to arouse people’s desire, small finishing a ha, see how much desire ~ White House Chongqing small noodles original white house Hot and Sour Rice Noodles SEG Seg, often around the babies should know spicy! Peanuts, coriander, red chili oil, it looks very hot, smells great. It tastes hot and spicy, full of flavor!! Address: Xiao Zhai Xing Shan Temple Street Yucai Middle East Sixth families: from the southern region of the characteristics of 10 yuan Chang Feng stinky mandarin fish delicacy. The door is smelly taste. As for the taste of love, people hate the smell enjoy as if it were malt sugar, not… People away from the end of the table. The smell of the fish after curing not much, if any, tense, dip in the soup to eat salty and spicy taste, also put Perilla fishy. A bad Mandarin fish export of organic vegetables, let you taste the timely return to zero. Address: No. 1, Tang Yan Lai ease Jing 2 floor shops (Gao Xindian) four floor East Vanward City Hu Jiamiao Cross (Near East Vanward City store) pioneer Avenue Road No. 9 4 floor (sunshine sunshine Vista branch store) Taoyuan Road No. 118 (Taoyuan Road): per capita 70 yuan Red Fort India restaurant REDFORT either the waiter or chef, are downright disguising the Sanru plus store decoration environment, make people feel like being bollywood. Garlic scones with curry, hahaha isn’t this hardcore?? Address: eight Fengcheng road and road intersection Wenjing Hanshin shopping plaza: 85 yuan per capita 5F Dong Guan Zhao Ji powder Decoction blood 24 hours blood powder soup shop, has it all! Steamed sheep soup powder Xuepao is really a big bowl! Don’t feel happier spicy salty and spicy taste smooth ha ha tender! Fresh blood, smooth entrance, spicy fragrance. A taste of the taste of the full. A bowl of soup powder blood, eat a few mouthfuls of blood, drink the soup, slippery and spicy hemp is really good! Address: Hansen village Aimin Road No. 2 Xingqing road Xingqing Jinhua Road along the square outside the East Gate Road south of the Dragon King Pool persimmon: 18 yuan per capita flame Sean Maimaiti barbecue late no seat! Be sure to go early! The meat of the house gives its feet. Eat here, Roasted Mutton, Dichotomanthes grilled and roasted Nang are indispensable. Dichotomanthes very chewy chewy, especially. Just come up to see the oil in the flesh on the beat, the moment will be able to greatly increase appetite. Fat will not be fat, instead of a thick carbon baking incense. Address: Zi Qiang Xi Lu (near Yang dumplings): 48 yuan per capita food, spicy and Hot pot buffet is very convenient, there are also singers (seven p.m.) can eat Hot pot while listening to music. The bottom of the pot is also very special, in addition to the traditional red butter pot and Yuan相关的主题文章: