With many brightly colored fungus in Xiangtan Park Ganoderma crawling with people eager to pick the Hunan tree tree lake park. (reporter Chen Xudong photo) – the public: a lot of similar fungus Ganoderma lucidum – experts long lake Huxiang park tree: judging from the color, the fungus may be toxic, people not to eat in Xiangtan online news November 1st (Xiangtan evening news reporter Wang Chao) "a lot of" ganoderma "tree long lake, yellow is very nice these days, many people flock to these ‘Ganoderma’ really can eat?" In October 31st, Ms. Tang lived near the East Lake Road East, said she saw in Hunan Park morning when the scene to reporters. In the morning, the reporters follow Miss Tang came to Hunan park. In the heart of the Island Lake Park area, the reporter saw a lot of landscape trees, from the roots to the height range of about one meter in length, the number of ten layers of flower like Ganoderma fan-shaped fungus, they quintana golden yellow, surface convex arc lines. Reporters at the scene visually, those like Ganoderma fungus of large diameter fan, close to 15 cm, there are 5 small cm. Under the tree a little nose in the past, can smell a faint smell similar to mushrooms. "Every day I exercise in the park, a lot of people braved the rain over the last few days picking these things, said to be" Ganoderma lucidum "." A person walking in the park to see us in the interview, and quickly ran over his own knowledge". "It’s best not to pick up these things." A well intentioned citizen reminded. What is the sector resembles the Ganoderma lucidum fungus? Can not eat? Subsequently, the reporter will send photos of garden deputy director Liu Wenhui, he said from the morphological point of view, is basically a fungus. Garden City Administration Landscape Engineer Wei Xuxiang told reporters, judging from the color, the fungus may be toxic, advised people not to pick. "This fungus directly in the trunk epiphytic or fumu, mainly related to this year’s rain, moist environment." Health tips poisonous mushroom understanding of the error of a wide variety of mushrooms, the identification of professionals need to rely on professional instruments and equipment, ordinary people rely on experience to identify the existence of five major errors. Myth: bright mushroom poison, the color of ordinary mushrooms no poison. The truth: color and shape can not be a simple distinction between mushrooms are poisonous. Cantharellus, porcini mushrooms and red pleated holes bacteria bright color, delicious food; and gray pattern Amanita, deadly poisonous Amanita mushroom color to gray or white. Myth two: mushrooms that grow in damp places or on livestock waste, are poisonous in long, clean places. The truth: there are indeed some poisonous mushrooms hi growth in feces, but Amanita and Russula mushroom, some toxic species are grown in the pine forest. Myth three: mushrooms with silver boiled together, black toxic liquid, did not change the color is not toxic. The truth: poisonous mushrooms will not react with silver. Myth four: there are secretions or discoloration of mushrooms poisonous. Truth: actually, the color changes after some juicy mushrooms are injured相关的主题文章: