Xinjiang Aletai former party secretary Wang Shibin serious violation was double – Sohu news the day before, approved by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party committee, the filing review the autonomous Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee of Aletai original Committee, former Secretary of the Aletai Municipal Committee Wang Shibin serious disciplinary problems. The investigation, Wang Shibin serious violation of political discipline, organization against censorship; serious violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight violations to subordinate units to buy vehicles exceed the standard and long-term occupation; a serious violation of discipline, not reportrelevantpersonalmatterstruthfullyaccordingtotheprovisions, by letter inquiry when the organization not to the organization problem, major decisions refusing to implement superior the party organization, the use of authority to provide help for others, and accepting property position adjustment work support; serious violation of integrity and discipline, illegal holding shares of non listed companies; a serious violation of discipline of the masses, with the relocation funds to buy commercial housing as a national immigration resettlement housing demolition, against the state and the interests of the masses; a serious violation of work discipline, intervention and meddling in the construction project contracting, real estate development and management, in violation of the provisions of intervention and meddling in administrative law enforcement Activity; a serious violation of discipline, and others long maintained improper sexual relations; a serious violation of national laws and regulations, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the business, soliciting or accepting huge property, suspected of a crime. Wang Shibin as the party’s leading cadres, should clean politics, abide by the law, but the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, and eighteen of the party still does not converge, not close hand, the circumstances are especially serious, bad character. On the basis of "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" and other relevant provisions of the Regional Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee meeting to study and report to the regional party committee standing committee meeting, decided to give Wang Shibin expelled from the party and public action; the proceeds confiscated their discipline; the alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. (the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection)相关的主题文章: