Xu Geyang advanced high popularity sound praised "Wang Feng tone model" [Abstract] Xu Geyang’s performance was overjoyed, highly appealing singing style, unique sound character and method of singing skills, the first adaptation of Hua Chenyu’s "rampage" interpretation of incisively and vividly. China’s good song Xu Geyang "ten thousand sad" moved the audience too touching Tencent entertainment weekend, when the Mid Autumn Festival on the occasion, "China’s new song" also won a new round of bird’s nest sprint night battle. The seat of Wang Feng, Jay Chou two mentors Paibingbuzhen the tricks on the stage, Xu Geyang Liu Wentian, low-key combination, Haneda this "Gexianshentong" brought a wonderful musical feast for the audience. The most popular topic of the queen Xu Geyang to an "overwhelming" rampage "knocked down" to Haneda to qualify for the night of the bird’s nest. After the game, there are a lot of critics and users have said that Xu Geyang has been wordless character, it lasted more and stick to their music and be neither humble nor pushy more like road mentor Wang Feng, is fond of this pseudo high cold character really music attitude won more and more people, but also created today Geyang Xu popularity index break billion success. Xu Geyang last game night, Wang Feng Jay Chou’s mentor mentor Miaosuan Paibingbuzhen once broken, the rest into laughter, mentor title and to give Wang Feng a "psychic". After easily entered a white hot stage, second countdown round appearance of Xu Geyang’s performance was overjoyed, highly appealing singing style, unique sound character and method of singing a song to skilled, most incisive adaptation of Hua Chenyu’s "rampage" interpretation, had been worried about the main part of the song bass singing is also at ease, with its unique voice hoarse voice to the climax of the game. Sit in the side watching Na Ying instructors are excited to give the evaluation said: "you are devastating, singing voice." His mentor Wang Feng then said: "her voice, there is a kind of" emotion "," power ", and this is Xu Geyang’s own characteristics, is her unique feature, if there is no such thing in your nature, it is difficult to develop and cultivate it by tomorrow. So Xu Geyang through her singing strength, coupled with a unique personal charm, infected more listeners." Heard such a high evaluation of the comments Xu Geyang finally can not bear their own always calm heart, the first excited excited tears on the scene. There are a lot of critics, Xu Geyang said in the concert of "existence" features and mentor Wang Feng very similar to the kind of stubborn slightly hoarse endowed with the voice, but also has transcendence, this is to let people enjoy the greatest songs. After the game, Xu Geyang’s song sound popularity index to break million, to continue to lead the championship position with a strong support, believe that such a body and soul, emotion and reason, reality and transcendence, the three category, 22 can combine the singer, will continue to bring more wonderful tours to music happy.相关的主题文章: