Xuzhou guy enthusiastic help people back into the perpetrators monitoring also his innocence two days ago, a man in Xuzhou Ping Road, obviously he was riding the electric car to correct the anti falls, kindly help his little sun. This guy, Sohn also for advance Zhang cycling falls 1000 yuan for medical expenses. The afternoon of November 16th, Xuzhou nine Traffic Police Brigade accident in the police through the retrieval of surveillance, the guy was falsely Sohn’s innocence. Monitoring showed that in November 12th about 10 o’clock in the morning, injured man Zhang riding a bike, very fast just by sprinkling water on the road, without any interference, Zhang riding electric cars directly fell on the ground. The sun will fall out of kindness Zhang rushed to the hospital, and help Zhang paid 1000 yuan for medical expenses, but not for gratitude, but falsely. Sohn feel very aggrieved, and to Xuzhou nine brigade police for help. This was a stomach of Mr. Sun thanks to the help of the police, to prove his innocence. In the criticism of police education, Zhang realized his mistake, and take the initiative to apologize to Mr. Sun and return Mr. Sun to help advance its medical expenses. Because Zhang conceal the truth of the accident behavior is relatively minor, and take the initiative to recognize the error, the police criticized its education. Through this thing we remind you of traffic accidents to deal with the traffic police department to seek truth from facts, deliberately concealing the truth, or harboring perjury is to bear legal responsibility. We should hold the moral bottom line, do not help people chilling, or to help promote positive energy.相关的主题文章: