Xuzhou residents 140 thousand yuan to buy a Mercedes Benz set was robbed return sellers spend 140 thousand yuan from the hands of users to buy a second-hand black Mercedes E260, did not think the way home is power off the oil, then the car was robbed the threat of violence. Suining police received the alarm, has recently arrested the gang crime suspects Du, Zhu, Zhang three. So this is the Mercedes Benz vendors set up a trap. The agreement to buy a car, on the way back by violent robbery in August 16th at 8 pm, Sui city police station received 110 orders, police Lu in Qingnian Road within the jurisdiction of a hotel in the evening and Suqian Dumou to reach an agreement, the price of 140 thousand yuan to buy a black Mercedes E260 car. Let Mr. Lu never thought he was just driving to the county bridge two bridge, the car was suddenly power off the oil, four or five unidentified Young Men Wai, holding the baton tools such as the threat of violence forced robbed him, just buy a hand benz. Such a dramatic scene so that Mr. Lu was caught off guard, he immediately dialed 110 calls. Police on duty Yang Monan arrived at the scene, the victim will be brought back to the police station for detailed inquiry. A calm, Mr. Lu has details to police officer Yang: a few days ago, he saw a circle of friends through WeChat WeChat called Jiangsu (car Bai wing) Adu friends released for sale Benz information revealed between the lines of cheap sale, and Mr. Lu perennial travel, really need a decent the means of transport, he was connected to each other through WeChat, finally agreed to 140 thousand yuan price, because Mr. Lu was in Shandong on business in Qingdao, and the owner Du Mou in Suqian, and the two men agreed to a hotel in Suining province for inspection and sign the agreement. Finalize the meeting time, Mr. Lu nonstop from Shandong to Qingdao by train to Xuzhou, Du Pont was driving to Xuzhou to Lu a line of two people connected to a hotel in Suining County of Qingnian Road. After some discussion, both sides signed the agreement to be transferred to determine the vehicle, Mr. Lu on the spot through the electronic banking to the owners of Dumou transfers 140 thousand yuan after the Mercedes Benz car. However, when Mr. Lu drove to the county two mile bridge at the end of the traffic lights, Mercedes Benz remote control off the oil off the power, and then there is the beginning of the scene. The routine is too deep, this is a good seller fraud Officer Yang a preliminary understanding of the case, after careful consideration, think of the whole event is very strange, it seems like the surface looks so simple, more like a trap, let the victim lose the wife of another soldier. Sui city police immediately carry out investigation of cases, and the next day has arrested the suspect Dumou, Zhu and Zhang three. After the review, the three confessed to the crime. The principal Du Mou in early 2016 from the village of Wang bought a black Mercedes sedan mortgage, the car was secured in a Guarantee Corporation in Suqian, later because of the Mercedes Benz car owners not to guarantee the contract loan return of the vehicle, the Guarantee Corporation sent out after the car, after the car as the case another suspect Chen, Chen found in Suqian city Du this car driving a Mercedes Benz car, found that two people are acquaintances. Then the Du Mou and Chen counsel, by the contact field.相关的主题文章: