Yiyang a woman picking up ring unexpectedly is not pie is a trap original title: Yiyang, a woman walking on the road, suddenly fell out of the sky "pie"……. Ms. Xu was walking on the road to pick up a diamond ring worth one hundred thousand yuan, so she did not expect is that the sky drops not only. Not "pie", or a "trap". Recently, Taojiang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and pine Tong police station joint detection of two cases of fraud, arrested 2 suspects, for the victims of the masses to recover the value of 5 yuan of cash and jewelry. Today, the police will recover all losses of more than 50 thousand yuan returned to the victim. August 30th, Ms. Xu walking on a road in Changsha, walking in front of her man Zhang picked up a red bag, at this time, from the back up with the proposed to go with ms.. Video screenshot open the package, there is a big diamond, which also comes with an invoice, that diamond ring worth 99880 yuan. Pick up the package of Zhang said that there is a copy, lured Ms. Xu into the trap. Zhang Xu lady will offer ten thousand yuan worth of jewelry and mobile phone to him as collateral, AI is home for money, not for a while, Zhang says he will have to leave a fake diamond ring to Ms. Xu left. Ms. Xu found that this was not reported to the police. Video capture video capture on the day the police fled to Yiyang, the suspect Zhang Ai arrested. Prior to this, the two are still in Taojiang in the same way an old man cheated more than $forty thousand. At present, the value of 50 thousand yuan stolen money has been returned to the victim’s hand. (source: Yiyang radio) Click to enter the 2016 Hunan education survey questionnaire, fill in the sweep as well as Iphone7, apple-watch and QQ doll, custom U disk and other hundreds of trench ceremony waiting for you! Don’t take them home soon? For him ~ ~ (big Xiangjun secretly tell you, the probability of winning the super high!)相关的主题文章: