Yiyang 3 people found pornography executives head 310 thousand arrested grafting blackmail and impose exactions on (original title: "pornographic" man caught red blackmail and impose exactions on the AnHua Railway Station) Anhua news November 9th by digital photo processing to make pornographic, others 310 thousand yuan of blackmail and impose exactions on three of the suspected man, AnHua Railway Station arrested in Hunan in November 9th. After the examination, was arrested a man suspected of min, Wang and Hu are only more than and 20 years old, are Anhua Yiyang County in Hunan province. In recent years, three people working with a company in Shenzhen, spare time are addicted to online games, wages are not enough to buy game equipment. In August this year, minmou, Wang, Hu learned of the digital image processing, then playing pornographic production to "make money" the wrong idea. Three people from the Internet to pornographic photos, the use of post-processing technology, the company will be the portrait of a senior employee grafted to the photo, and then print out, pornographic and bank card number mailed together. Unexpectedly, they soon received a remittance. Tasted the sweetness, they used this technique, repeatedly committing the crime, has to blackmail and impose exactions on 310 thousand yuan. Three people suspected of committing a crime, was arrested by the police in Shenzhen. Three people quickly fled back home in Anhua. In November 9th, Wang Min, Hu three money squandered finished, ready to ride out at AnHua Railway Station is the identification of the police found doubt, and was arrested on the spot. Three people confessed to the crime on their own. (net correspondent Yang Yiming Liu Ping) recommended Video: PS fake pornographic photos captured by Songzi police blackmail and impose exactions on two men相关的主题文章: