You slept with me and I slept with your son! A set of the Sina NO.1, the column has recently boiled entertainment Tuesday drama, broadcast has been in the printing of word of mouth, expect bursting; just one episode aired, various shuabing. The old driver who is also seen some of the world have to kneel lick: "Yan day" scale beyond 10 "the tale of Genji"; "dangerous" my wife revenge in front of it, immediately into the kindergarten level weak. Anyway, this year is not the God of drama No 1, it is the right. Yes, this drama is "the sage of love". The old play bone Miho Nakayama and little meat Dragon Star cool star, a total of only 4 sets. See the CP, do you think this is a "secret" – 40 years old and 20 years old Cougar meat, across time and body to love you fell in love? Just then, how can I ask him about the year! Everything comes from revenge. Miho Nakayama plays the female master really was a sub life Guadan only pick up pebbles on the beach, 18 banned girl secretly watch. Until one day her family moved next door to a witch lily. What? Me EXO? You heard me, a strange woman met less than a minute, a word not just let you put on the neck necklace for her. Women like us are ignorant than. So the LORD said: roll! The end. So, in order not to the end, so the woman took the necklace to her. After many years, the main female child really, has grown into a life Guadan, and occasional writer brother secretly childhood sweetheart kiss on blush sweet and not be in the side of the innocent maiden. Until the witch Lily felt very uncomfortable so low-key show loving her. Oh drain! Bestie and my boyfriend to go to bed, how should I do? Women again ignorant than. So the LORD said: roll + 1! The end. So, in order not to the end, so the smile blessing of two people, all the way to accompany bestie baby, and give their son a name, they also took the initiative for the nanny with children. But: there are many online scripts, how to revenge on the former? The two answer is more vicious: 1, when he married his father stepmother; 2, 20 years after his son when his daughter-in-law seduce. Obviously, Wuli chose the latter, but it’s just too low. The main approach is like "the tale of Genji", with 20 years of time, his son to cultivate her ideal man. Of course she is a reference book called "idiot love" book, the book men adopted a girl, the girl I love her. The story fully answers the question "what is the use of more reading"?. Well, when it comes to revenge on the former, the imagination will be rich. 20 years later, it became the main female child, both the beauty and wisdom of older Cougar. Continue to ex when editing books ever, continues to let bestie acrimonious grab)相关的主题文章: