Yu Xu high school teacher: chuanmeizi distressed lively girl – once at night Sichuan Beijing News Network Chengdu on November 13th news from Chongzhou, the first air force fighter -10 China female pilot Yu Xu sacrifice news, affects people’s heart. In Chengdu, Chongzhou, the Yu Xu had grown up learning, last night some people close to her but had not, after the air force official confirmed Yu Xu at the expense of the news last night, the Sichuan news network reporter tried to contact her high school teacher Lan Biqun, but the phone is not connected. 13 morning, Sichuan news network reporter once again call the blue Biqun teacher, the phone came the blue teacher hoarse voice. "As a teacher, the students have learned that his unfortunate death, I am very sad, especially Yu Xu is a so cute, so excellent student, she is our pride." LAN teacher told reporters, in the afternoon of the 12 day, she heard Yu Xu news of the accident from the other students, she was also a bit angry, that is what the students practical joke, after all, just shortly after the end of the Zhuhai air show, she also from the television screen to see Yu Xu performing machine driving flying in the blue sky of the heroic, but with the Internet more and more reports, she can not help but worry, until the air force official confirmed the news. "I was so sad, so young a girl." In the blue teacher’s impression, she was more than once in the Asahi class, there is always a smile that thin girl face, see the school teacher will take the initiative to say hello, very polite. Like other adolescent girls, Yu Xu is also a beauty girl, although students can not make up, but her eyes were full of heroic spirit, is a beautiful girl. In the third year, the air force pilots, Yu Xu initiative to sign up or let a lot of teachers and students feel a little surprised, did not expect her indicators are very good, was elected, we are very happy for her. In the years of the Yu Xugang army, every Chinese new year, the blue teacher will receive a text message or phone calls, then more than Asahi each flight performance, she basically will be watching on television, has been very concerned about. Last night after that news, the blue teacher could not sleep a long time, "the doll away, hoping that she all the way, she was always the teacher and school pride."相关的主题文章: