Yuan Yechun with the group of friends is very happy to finish college Jincheng Jincheng and Beijing Yuan Yechun occupation is best time in October 8th of the same group in the Asia Pacific amateur championship in the third round of the defending champion Jincheng and Yuan Yechun was in the same group, their age gap in the race from time to time to talk. The two boys play has ups and downs, a good start, but the second half was bogey trap. Two people in the next 18 holes when the green, but also in exchange. "Today my swing feeling is not very good, a bit worried, played too radical, after the nine collapse is not tight, the top nine hit well, nine want to play more birds and play more aggressive but lost a few rods." Yuan Yechun said, "with good friends play together very happy, we are now studying in the United States, four or five times a year to see, play will encounter, budweiser." Foreign minister Yuan Yechun character now read the second grade in University of Washington, is the team’s main players. He and the United States through this year’s tour of the United States to qualify for next season’s tour of the Chinese Taipei players Pan Zhengcong is the same school alumni. The total champion Luo Ying in the University of Washington women’s team this year also got the League of American universities. In the school, Yuan Yechun lived in the morning classes, practice in the afternoon, at night to write the work of ordinary college life. But every time the game, his life is going to be much harder, after a day of competition, the evening back to the hotel also homework, until the back to school after still making up. But in his view, such a busy life is very substantial, but also very satisfied. At the time of the election of the school, Yuan Yechun in addition to considering the school Golf strength, comprehensive results, there are other considerations. "I quite like the city of Seattle. It’s not easy to get out of the game. Unlike some cities only a university, not convenient." Yuan Yechun said, but here also is in line with his "chowhound" taste, "here is a lot of good, eat Chinese food or other delicacy can be found." Yuan Yechun contact Golf reasons and most of the children learn almost the same ball, because his father likes to play, he also played, slowly like. For the future, Yuan Yechun hopes to become a professional golfer. For the time of his career, he hoped that after finishing college. "A year of college, I feel pretty good. The competitive environment of the university is also very strong, the United States is also difficult to fight the University League, on the University and then transferred to my career is the best." Yuan Yechun, who finished high school and went to college in the United States, returned home only once a year to take part in the national team competition. In the last year and this year’s two games, he has helped the Beijing team won the team title, and defending men’s champion. Is it easy for him to play in the United States all the year round? On the difficulty of setting the stadium, the stadium is relatively simple for me. The foreign court green soon, a flagpole is also very tricky, very difficult to play a low score." (Li Qiuying)相关的主题文章: