Zhao Liying sang "rouge" theme song to Lu Yi interpretation of cp- Sohu three blue rouge and Zhou Yuhao Sohu entertainment entertainment news popular actor starred in high strength values by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and the high Yan of the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" recently exposed by Zhao Liying singing the theme song "heart" the MV MV is full of fierce battle, blasting, fight scenes, the song is melodious soothing, as if to sing blue Rouge soft but strong heart, will be a female agent experience in the war of love, friendship, ideals, beliefs, meanders.     Zhao Liying Lu Yi has three degrees of cooperation, it is the first time the couple starred in, not only no violation, but CP sense, weird blue Rouge meets warm reliable Zhou Yuhao, high value, high Yan child heart, high force value of the "three high" CP, let users hooked. High value: Zhao Liying Lu Yi Yan screen "first kiss" is a popular bursting flower Zhao Liying, one side is the debut for many years acting consummate play bone Lu Yi, two people appeared for the first time in the "rouge" in screen couple, Lu Yi broke into the crew on the first day of a field and Zhao Liying kissing, although two of the screen "first kiss", but from the exposure of the MV, the high value of Yan CP combination is not only very seductive, is a tacit understanding. High child heart: war child heart love lovers whether this CP is married in MV exposure dessert and abuse point full of love to kill two people, warm moment both together, staring at the hand, have gun relative child festival mood. It is reported that the blue rouge and Zhou Yuhao began to belong to different camps, during the execution of the task slowly on the other side of dark feelings, mutual penetration of complex environment wrestle each other in the period of the Communist Party of the Shanghai Kuomintang Japanese the three forces, two people whether the lovers get married? The high value of force: Zhao Liying is responsible for burning brain Lu Yi responsible for the fight scenes in the play of the CP can be more than for love, beyond the aesthetic feelings play a lot more wonderful spy story. Zhao Liying had previously revealed that she played in the drama blue rouge is mainly responsible for the "burning brain", and Lu Yi’s Zhou Yuhao is acting a play, a lot of Lu Yi said: "you can see me in this movie as an action star." I believe the audience both love nervous burning brain spy story, or love blood spray Zhang fight plot, the CP can meet your appetite. "Rouge" by Hairun Television Productions Ltd, Haining Television Culture Co., Ltd. Moon Flower new Laguna TV culture Investment Limited jointly produced, the upcoming September 27th landing, Zhejiang Oriental two TV audience and meet, please look forward to "rouge" blood war!相关的主题文章: