Zhao Xinqun check the deployment of the National Day Golden Week Holiday Tourism – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn National Day coming, to effectively do the golden week holiday tourism work, to ensure that the general public and tourists to spend a happy and peaceful national day, September 29th, party secretary Zhao Xinqun municipal departments responsible comrades, on-site inspection of the deployment of the National Day Golden Week holiday tourism. In the morning, Zhao Xinqun and his entourage came to Anhui traffic control group Chizhou management office, Chizhou bus station and train station in Chizhou and other places, to the safety responsibilities of each responsibility unit implementation of infrastructure facilities, tourism reception preparation, holiday duty management, holiday market price order, the implementation of the work situation, and in view of the existing problems and the weak link, field research solutions. Zhao Xinqun requirements, at all levels of the relevant units to unify thinking and cooperation, fulfill their duties, the National Day Golden Week tourism together to do the work, to further polish "China excellent tourism city" brand, jointly establish and maintain a good image of Chizhou tourism. Zhao Xinqun pointed out that "eleven" golden week is approaching, when Chizhou will usher in the flow of people, logistics, traffic peak, to the city’s scenic tourism, transportation, accommodation and security and other aspects of the enormous pressure. Relevant departments at all levels to focus the work, strengthen the responsibility to implement and strengthen the scenic spots, food hygiene, fire protection, traffic, public places and other areas of the hidden danger, to eliminate all security risks, to reasonably control the flow area, to ensure the safety of tourists. To regulate market order, increase the intensity of tourism market environment, to crack down on the black car, according to law, false false monks and nuns guides, forced consumption, illegal soliciting and other illegal acts, by analogy, plug the loopholes, the tourism market environment to create a safe and civilized, fair and orderly. To "tourists need oriented", to further improve the tourism public service, make up the tourist traffic, sanitation, signage, parking field, short board of the existing management environment, guide the operator price tag, integrity management, and constantly improve the level of service, improve service quality. To strengthen the emergency duty, emergency preparedness plans to improve the ability to respond to emergencies, for the majority of visitors to create a safe, civilized and orderly holiday tourism environment, to ensure that visitors to the pool at ease, rest assured, comfortable. (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章: